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Victor Smith

Inside the Eagle's Claw
By Victor Smith

A fascinating glimpse into this Chinese art of grasping, seizing, and joint manipulations.

Making The Eagle's Claw
By Victor Smith

Learn the basics of Eagle Claw's signature technique, which when done by a master, the grip alone is often so painful that it can bring an opponent to his knees.

The Complete Tatsuo Shimabuku
By Victor Smith

Tatsuo Shimabuku's pioneering efforts helped spread his style of karate, Isshinryu, to be spread across the United States and the world in the 50's and 60's.

Secrets Of The Old Okinawan Fist
By Victor Smith

Most have never seen it, but this old Okinawan method of forming a fist may add power to your punch.

Viewpoint: Below the Event Horizon
By Victor Smith

One of the most powerful tools of Karate is its ability to strike below the 'event horizon' of an opponent?s awareness.

Reflections On The Shape Of Kata
By Victor Smith

I have grown to think of kata in terms of shape -- the living interpretation of the movement and technique pressed into a student by his teacher.

There is No First Strike in Karate
By Victor Smith

An early Japanese 1933 karate book "Kenpo karate," by Mutsu Mizuho provide some interesting insights into the famous karate saying "There is no First Strike in Karate."

Thoughts On Karate Kata And Their Applications
By Victor Smith

What is karate bunkai or applications? Over a lifetime of karate study I have learned a lot.

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