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Zen and the Martial Arts

(Softcover, 300 pages, illustrated)


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Rhinoceros Zen
Zen Martial Arts and the Path to Freedom
By Jeffrey Brooks

If you are a martial artist you will love this book – a fast paced and easy read, full of short stories and anecdotes that detail the dual paths and links between karate-do and Zen. Brooks takes the reader on a thrilling adventure through his disciplines – intellectual, cultural and spiritual. His stories are witty, wise and filled with personal insights gleaned from a lifetime of practice in the dojos of some of the world’s most accomplished teachers and from his years of experience as a leading teacher and writer on martial arts. One reviewer said, “The bottom line for me is this is the best damn book I have ever read. It is filled with more sincerity and wisdom than anything I have come across in a long, long time.”




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