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Why Action Ads?

It's the best ad deal in martial arts. With Action Ads you can reach a huge audience of sophisticated martial artists with your message for only $89 per month -- over 1.5 million page views.

Use Action Ads to advertise your product, book, video/DVD or service, announce events, promote a seminar, tournament, or martial arts school.

It's also simple to create your ad and once advertising you lock you rate in against future ad rate increases.

Here's an example of an Action Ad:

Japanese Swords
We offer a wide variety of quality and prices on hand forged swords. Check our website today.

It's easy to submit your Action Ad. Just use the form below to enter a headline, a url, and your text message up to 100 characters. The url can be a link to a web site or an email address for people to respond. The headline will contain the link.

After you submit your Action Ad, it's easy to pay with your credit card.

The cost is only $89 per month and you can buy as many months as you like. Action Ads are an effective and affordable way to reach you martial arts audience.

Please read our Action Ad Procedures and Policies
and Frequently Asked Questions

Enter Your Action Ad
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