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Just wanted to say how much I love your Fighting Arts website. I've learned so much on your incredible and invaluable site and have referred many of my martial arts friends to it.

I know this word is over-used but it's an AWESOME resource for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of martial arts. Truly enlightening — this website is a truly impressive accomplishment!

Kyoshi RB

I truly wanted to jot down a note so as to say thanks to you for all of the unique ideas you are sharing here. My time-consuming internet research has now been honored with excellent insight to write about with my neighbours. I 'd tell you that many of us visitors actually are very blessed to be in a magnificent network with so many wonderful professionals with good principles. I feel rather lucky to have encountered your entire web pages and look forward to many more entertaining times reading here. Thanks again for everything.

I think other site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and magnificent user genial style and design, as well as the content. You are an expert in this topic!

W. J.

Dear Mr. Caile:

Your web page is fantastic! I love the esoteric approach and the emphasis on the spiritual and cultural aspects of the fighting arts.

Great information on the founders and legends of the Martial Arts. I have just begun my journey in the martial way in Shito-ryu karate, and I appreciate the wealth of information you make available here.

You dedication and love of the martial arts are evident, I salute you!

C. J.

this site is just awesome


Great work - extremely impressive Web site. Your explanation (in great detail) of all katas, and what form or animal they emanated from is brilliant. In fact, yours is the best Kata site that I have ever seen on the Web.

Yours in Goju Ryu,

T. H.(Godan)

As a Japanese from Tokyo, an alumni of our Imperial school, Gakushuin, a worshipper of Shinto, visitor of Yasukuni, who conducts my Tamagoryo Sanpai regularly, I am simply astonished by the quality of work and zeal in making this site.


Love the content on your site. It's just great.

C. M.

Great Martial Arts reading! Every practitioner of Karate / MMA / Judo / Ju-Jitsu should book mark this site!


This site is a virtual library of information. I am impressed


Good morning. I would like to start off by telling you how much I enjoyed I've been training Muay Thai and BJJ for fitness and self defense for the past 7 years. This website has been a great resource of information for me, and a joy to read. I love discussing MMA, and your forum is fantastic!


Your articles are some of the best I’ve seen—better than publications like BLACK BELT, which seems not to cater to serious martial artists.


I bumped to your site through Google, and want to tell you what a wonderful resource it is. It's a shame we don't have sites like yours anymore... I literally spent a hour reading everything in your site.. so much information.. lol.


Two things appealed to me about your publication: 1) The statement that it is a "labor of love". I relate to this, personally, and I admire it. 2) The absence of the sort of lunacy that pervades so many of the "writings" and "peridiodicals" on the subject of the fighting arts.


I am greatly impressed with your magazine's professional appearance and content. It is reflective of your many years of dedicated practice and love of the martial arts.

Please keep up this magnificent effort because it is truly important that current and future generations have access to authentic traditional martial arts information.


Aloha to you, from Hawaii! Thank you all for offering such excellent resources, both free and for purchase. I am really enjoying your site, and will be back!

S. T.

Fantastic. I have just discovered this morning and so far I am very impressed. I am a student of Shotokan karate I have also studied a little Aikido and Ju-Jitsu. Once again, I am thoroughly impressed by this website. Brilliant. Thank you.

N. H.

Your site is a truly a fantastic way of delivering great martial arts history and information around the World. Keep up the great work.


I really enjoy this site. I learn and I am entertained. I am also made to think. It's good.

Sensei D.A.R.

Thank you, your web site is brilliant. I just found you and it's very interesting.


Keep up the good work, I found the quality of your articles to
be extraordinary, well documented and researched.

E. B.

I have been coming to for a couple of months.... It is truly amazing one-stop shopping. I have learned more about the differences in martial arts and which may be more appropriate for me. I find the people on your forums, and especially the moderators, to be intelligent and well-spoken (written?). This place is not dominated by meatheads and jerks, but rather a community of people who can answer your questions and who really know their stuff.

Your articles on the front page, specifically the arm lock and Christopher Caile's article about being pushed from behind, are incredibly valuable.

Thank you for the site that has provided valuable, clear guidance to all who need it! You folks are great!


I visited your and was very impressed by the vast amount of information on different styles and the lack of segregation as to any one system. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work

G. S.
9th Dan

During my research I stummbled across your site and, I have to say, which ever direction I take there doesnt seem to be a site that matches in terms of academic content.

P. M. (U.K.)

As a martial artist that frequents the net I found your site a few years ago. I have poked my head in from time to time (love the articles) and of course bounced around on your forum from time to time. I love the new forum setup and feel it will foster more participation in the future.

Thank you for producing a fantastic web site and I wish you continued success in the future.

W. R.

Best Martial Arts site I've seen (and I've seen a lot). A colleague recommended this site and said you can spend hours on it with the links. Correct that. You can spend weeks.

DAA, Watford, England

Thank you for this site. I've been studying Karate for just a few months, and in all the enthusiasm of discovery, I've been looking everything up. Most of the time, my Googles lead me here, to these nice, meaty, thorough articles. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


I am constantly on the net looking to further my knowledge of the martial arts. And so I can safely say with the utmost confidence that this is one of the best sites I have visited. I am going to add it to my favorites. I thank the creators of this page as well as the people mentioned in the articles for making this possible.


Please continue the amazing work you do on -- it is a contribution to our way of life -- a way that seems increasingly challenged by the times and those who are so worried about commercialism that they have lost sight of what the study of these arts mean....they could learn a lot from your website and the example of many like Mr. Draeger.

Domo Arigato.


Dear Mr. Caile,

While I have been keenly interested in many martial arts articles, been inspired by tales of great teachers and been entertained by fighters' spinning yarns of their exploits I cannot recall ever having been moved emotionally by reading anything in the genre in the way that I was while reading "Story About Kevin". Here we have an example of uncommon courage and perseverance not in unusual circumstance or in time of need or in emergency but in daily life, every day. Every doggone day. That's real budo. I wonder how I would stack up given similar challenges? A question worth asking, I think.

You seem to be able to identify the things which are truly important. Your recognizing of Kevin's right to partake in the pursuit of a martial way and helping him to cultivate his skills re-enforce the truth of these perceptions.

I really enjoyed that article and I'm sure that others will rate it highly as well.


Matthew R.

I absolutely love this website. Its my guru...and can only continue to praise you for the amazing work that you must have put in to create this website. I have informed many of my friends about it who have become members and I hope that they find it as good as I do. Thanks for everything. Continue the brilliant work.


I think that the website is great. It is the best one that I have come across. Every thing is described in great detail. I am now on here regularly and it is great for imformation about different martial arts. Keep up the good work people. This is the best.


I cannot help but think of the printed form of Fighting Arts International published by Terry O'Neill. Seeing names and Patrick McArthy and Dave Lowry just reminds me more.

I don't know how long its been in existance but its the 1st time I see it - great site and very informative. I thought that FAI was an excellent publication and I think your site is as good if not better.


This is the best site I have seen out of a week of looking. I find that the infermation is good and the pics aid the text very well, unlike other sites with just text or just pics.

K. G.

Just wanted to voice my appreciation of the best Martial Arts site on the net!

I have studied the Martial Arts for 35 years (Wado Ryu Karate 7th Dan, Yang Family Tai Chi Instructor, Iaido 3rd Dan Jodo 1st Dan), have written for the Martial Arts Magazines in England for 20 years and have trawled the internet for interesting information from it's inception - and I have to say that your site is the best!

Again, well done on an excellent site!


Steve Rowe

RE= The Bottom Line Of Training

I think this article is a good reminder to everyone who practices martial arts, it's not having techniques, it's having skills. In my opinion skills are the ability to apply a techniques under severe emotional pressure. Many people train thinking that what they practice will protect them if the time comes, but do so in a very safe & controlled environment.

Having worked as a door steward in various rough parts of Scotland, I find dealing with the emotions harder than learning any technique. The more you become comfortable with these emotions, the easier it is to deal with them. You need to expose yourself to these emotions to learn how to cope with them.

I'm not advocating everyone become a door steward but, realistic training should be part of every martial art. Those who don't include it are risking their lives & those instructors who profess to teach self defense but don't include realistic environments, are risking other peoples lives!

If we look at the past masters, they placed themselves under extreme physical hardships knowing that not only were they building their bodies but also their minds. They were making sure that when the time came to defend themselves they could count on body and mind working together as one.

Train hard & train smart.
Monty Sneddon

RE: Treasure Of '70's Film Footage Recovered: Includes Elvis Sponsored Karate Film

I'm no martial artist -- I found this article purely by accident, and was blown away by it, given that George Waite is a very good friend of mine and damn fine human being. .... the story is a great one and I've been sharing it with friends for years.


RE: Treasure Of '70's Film Footage Recovered: Includes Elvis Sponsored Karate Film

Keepup the fine work. Excellent and facinating detail on the origin of this martial arts masterpeice.

T Mann

RE: Examining Yasutsune Itosu - Part 1: The Man And His Lineage

Excellent just excellent

Barry Archer

RE: The Straight Arm Double Lapel Grab, Part 2

Love your site. Special thanks for your (Christopher Caile) for your article, "The Straight Arm Double Lapel Grab, Part 2" and all the others in the self-defense series. These articles are not only logical and well written, but they also provide something else that is important: practical, straightforward and useful self-defense applications taken from karate kata. They have made me appreciate the kata I have practiced for so long. Now I understand what my teachers have been telling me for so long -- that kata is the basis of all karate. Thank you. You do a real service to karate and martial arts through

Ronald S.

RE: Omori Ryu: The Foundation of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido

Interesting indeed. As a Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu student and instructor I did learn some new things, and I'm looking forwards to the follow ups.

Boaz E.S

RE: Bodhisattva Action and Martial Arts

I think Jeff Brooks article is brilliant, it addresses something I have thought about for a long time but which I also believe many martial artists have also thought of. Even if you don't know the term "samadhi" or what it entails , it still encompasses most peoples aspiration of attainement or expertise in the martial arts whether you call it 'unificaton of body & mind ' or what have you . I'd just like to say thanks to Jeff for supplying the information and standing up for the spiritual side of the arts.

John Lee

RE: Seiza: The Kneeling Posture

I am attempting to write an article on kneeling (not martial arts related), and this article was extremely helpful. The history, origin and meaning were exactly the type of information I was seeking, and the specifics on actual physical aspects was refreshing. Thank you so much!


RE: Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Nafadi Tradition: Its Kata

Expertly researched article. Rare insight into a roots of naha te and Goju karate. Keep upthe goodwork.

Firdosh Variava

RE: Redesigning

I love the new look. I'm happy that you guys did such a great job with the site "make over." Keep up the great work, and good luck with the new format.

George Rego
Florida Jukido Jujitsu Academy

RE: Too Much Ado About Pressure Points

The points raised in this article are very pertinent to my current thinking. Personally I have been to two separate seminars and neither one seemed to me to provide effective in a street or life saving techniques. I would never dream of trying to take a guy out with a pressure point or dim mak hit in a street situation.

Terry Ronin

RE: Japanese Woodblock Prints

It was a site which gave me all the information I was seeking since ages. As we hardly get to know any thing like this in India.

With Thanks and regards.


RE: Omori Ryu: The Foundation of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido

Interesting indeed. As a Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu student and instructor I did learn some new things, and I'm looking forwards to the follow ups.

Boaz E.S.

RE: Memories of Richard Kim

A great piece of journalism! In Guelph, Canada, we just finished the 23rd (and best) camp with Zen Bei Butokukai members from around the world. The camp this year was a memorial to O'Sensei Kim and the energy was unbelievable Thank you for your article. It brought back many good memories.

Paul Grant, Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada

RE: Memories of Richard Kim

I met MR. Kim many years ago at a seminar in Vancouver BC. I beleive it was approximatly 1983. I remember him talking about the bo kata of japan and okinawa, he must have listed 50 kata, eventually i researched many of these and was amazed to find that all the history and information that Mr. Kim had given us was totally accurate. It wasn't that I doubted his accuracy, I just couldnt beleive that as he talked and told us a massive amount of information, without the aid of notes or books, that he knew his subject so well. He was absolutly amazing to listen to.

RE: Editorial The Disservice Of Bad Technique

I am only commenting on the "disservice" piece. Well said and it unfortunately needs to be said over and over in all martial arts schools. I also have been involved in martial arts for over 30 years (God has it been that long?) and I am totally unimpressed by the self defense experience or skills of many martial arts practitioners. Most can and do well in tournaments and other situations where there are rules but on the street or wherever, you just have to do it! My sister is a public defender in D.C. and some of her clients are impressive in their abilities to just plain hurt people and do it well. It makes me wonder how we train to deal with someone who just wants to kill your ass if they want. So ask yourself this the next time someone is teaching you self defense; can this person help me if I got in a jam with a really bad ass or are they dojo good? Nothing wrong with being good at a sport but don't confuse it with fighting ability. But they real key to good self defense technique that works is to be aware, don't walk into trouble if you don't need to, develop your instincts!

Enough preaching, I enjoy the articles!


RE: The O-Soto-Gari Judo Throw In Jujutsu & Karate

A very interesting article. It's good to see someone talk about differences and simularities in various arts and not bring them down criticising the particular way each art handles a technique. Very constructive!

Paul Jones

RE:Vital Points or Vital Principles?

Im happy to see there are people that understand that traditional martial arts does not mean stagnant. Where would we be if the great masters and foundersof Goju ryu, Chito ryu, Shotokan and other style had not seen the need for changes or additions. I'm sure that for every success there were a hundred failures. But what the hell that's tradition for you. Even today the great houses of Shotokan and Kyokushinkai and Goju are being restructured fractured, and rebuilt. "If it don't kill you, it will make you stronger ." - Traditional saying

C.L. Brooks

RE: Escaping The Wrist Grab: Part 2 - From The Opposite Side

I am a black belt in karate and also am studying Jujitsu. Being a woman, interested in self defense for women, I was particulary impressed by the overall simplicity, but effectiveness of the techniques you presented in your two articles. I liked the information you presented on using body movement to compensate for being physically "weaker" than your attacker.

I look forward to reading the third article on double wrist grabs. Will you be presenting techniques on one and two-handed grabs from behind, as well as clothing grabs? I would be interested in reading about your recommended techniques in these areas? Do you have any recommendations for "bar room" grabs such as around the waist and around the shoulder? I would read and re-read any articles you might write on these subjects.


I am very impressed with the overall layout of this site. Informative for both beginner and long term practitioner.

I have found the forums particularly useful and a source of constant interest. It is so refreshing to exchange ideas in such a way.

I cannot cease my praise for this site.

Martin Henson

Congratulations on the anniversary of Fighting It is a truly great site for Martial Artists of all styles and descriptions. Your site is definitely one of my favourites and I visit it everyday to check out the forums and new articles. Please keep up the good work.

Ontario, Canada.

Osu, to you all at fighting arts I would like to congratulate you on fine setup I enjoy all the letters and readings-keep up the great job.

Yours Very sincerely.

John Richards 5th Dan Retired (Karate)

I must congratulate you and your staff for such informative articles. Our school has benefitted so much from your hard work and dedication to the martial arts. Keep up the hard work and may you be richly blessed for your efforts.

Vilisi Nadaku
Japan Karate Association of Fiji

RE: Azato Ankoh: A Short Story About My Teacher Part 2

Outstanding! Again, I am very impressed by the quality of your articles. However, I am not surprised, considering the quality of your contributors.

Eric Madis

Great work, as usual. Keep it coming.

Wonderfully refreshing that someone with class is continuing to publish historical and authentic articles about Karatedo.

Thomas Cauley

I've looked at your site, and find it quite informative and well-presented.

Good job!

Philip Tom


Your site is great. The internet is becoming congested with martial arts websites that are poorly written and full of ridiculous claims. is well written and informative. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is serious about traditional martial arts!

Marty Kropp

To whom it may concern,

I have just finished exploring your wonderful site. Firstly my congratulations to your team for an outstanding effort! The site has the potential to be the most comprehensive site available on the fighting arts.

B. K.

RE: Website

I am really enjoying this outstanding website. The site address was posted on the Uechi forums. I have added it to our Hotlist section .



As I quickly read through today's Cyberdojo Digest, I came upon a link to
your "Presidential Judo" article. I was quite impressed with the content and quality of the article; but particularly excited about the professionalism of your entire on-line magazine. The appearance is really user-friendly and the content is all valid- a combination that is far too rare in martial arts publications from any media.

Dan Cohen

RE:Excellent Site

Wonderful! I have searched long and hard for a well done , professional , and most of all DIGNIFIED Martial Arts site, and is it! Please keep up the quality. As a police officer and student , I appreciate the well written and practical articles. My heart felt thanks!

Gafai Cheng

RE: Multiple Attacks

First of all your site is great ... I'm going to spread the word to my students and to the Zujitsu system.

Dealing with multiple opponents is one of the primary areas of instruction in our system and I feel it should be a major ingredient in all systems.

Kyoshi Bob Martin

RE: Bone Bruising

Have just read the article about bone bruising and have to say it is a godsend! In January this year I went to kick someone and caught my shin on their knee. After much pain, physio and x-rays still no one could tell me what was wrong. I found this so distressing as I had a noticeable lump on my shin (and still do) and everyone was saying there's nothing wrong, it will go away! Well it hasn't and I have been searching to try and find some answers and a friend gave me this address and the first thing I saw and read was this article which I got so much from. Do you have anymore articles for chronic conditions and their care? As my leg is shin is still marked and painful upon contact (which by the way is on pads and only recently commenced) I am concerned that it will never go away and that I may have done permanent injury, this is probably in the wrong place (forums?) but anyway if you can further help I would be and am grateful.

Sincerely, VMUP

RE: Fightin Arts Website

Although due to age and an amputation I no longer practice martial arts, I
nevertheless like to keep in touch with the martial arts world. There is no
better place than this web site.

Articles are interesting and well researched.

Arthur A. Tansley

RE:Funakoshi and the Beginning

Outstanding article. Well-researched and well constructed, with good footnotes and references. Your magazine continues to rate with the best in its related field.

Eric Madis

I usually don't post messages, but I wanted to say you guys and gals have put together a great site. I'm typically dissapointed by the content and design of martial arts sites, which are usually simply a commercial for a school or art or a rant about how tough they are. provides information and articles on a wide range of martial arts. Keep up the good work!

Patrick Carney

Well founded on very interesting martial art web site. It looks like you have a little bit, or a lot of everything from business to art. I looked for word to visiting this side often. Your hard work is payin off. As a school owner and martial arts for over 20 years I have found this very valuable. It seems like I found a new instructor. Looking forward to visiting this web site. I read your site with an empty cup. I see that commercialism has not hit you yet.

Chicago Jim

I just wanted to drop a brief note saying that Deborah Klens Bingman's comments on the International Martial Arts Conference in France really hit home. In the early part of the 20th century, another organization based in France, the Federation International d'Escrime, became the internationally recognized governing body for the "sport" of fencing. Many feel that as a result of this, a lot of the diversity formerly found in the fencing world, such as the traditions of the Italian schools of fence and the practice of such unique forms as sword and dagger, were steamrolled by a paradigm geared towards sportive competition--specifically, Olympic competition. Fencing today, as many who study the art of "classical" fencing maintain, is a far cry from the practice of the 19th century that observed the dictum "hit without being hit." In fact, in this country, it seems to consist of many well-off and not-so-well-off teenagers taking up an unusual sport in the hopes of getting into the college of their choice, and, occasionally, going to the Olympics.

I would be alarmed by any attempt to organize a "scientific" system for coaching and competing in any more sectors of the unique and diverse world of Asian martial arts. Already, it seems that tae kwon do and judo have been afflicted with the same disease that fencing has almost succumbed to. It would be a shame if this trend continued, and what was once a beautiful way for many unique individuals to carry on a tradition of great art, while at the same time learning to improve themselves, became reduced to the level of mere sport. (I don't mean to to insult tae kwon do or judo, of course, but all the same, I would be interested in an article detailing how each has changed as a result of being included in international competition--weight classes in judo, for instance.)

As I am still young, I do not have any children yet. However, if in two decades' time, my daughter came home in tears because she had been cut from her school's kendo team for not winning enough bouts, I would be appalled indeed.

Ken Mondschein


Congratulations on a superb web resource. I am a student of Seido Karate in England and I remember one night in New York (prob 1994 or so) when Shihan Chris Caile applied Reiki/Chi Gung to a student's knuckle injury with resounding success. We talked briefly about kata applications and about healing etc. All my studies so far have brought me towards the same topics time and time again and I am convinced that a good understanding of the shared roots of the martial arts is a key part of personal development. However there are few resources which are addressing this area. I am very pleased to see that so many senior practitioners from many disciplines are working together to provide such a resource. This will help me continue the journey. Thank you for your work, it is much appreciated. I hope in time I can contribute some of my own experiences.

An awesome e-mag! I'm glad to see this level of quality information!!! Keep up the good work.

Bill Lucas

Thank you for letting the world read about an instructor who truly understands and lives up to the spirit of being a teacher..Christopher Caile

Barry Dallman

Your site is very well done, easy to navigate. I would invite all, in Karate-do, to visit our site:


This site is very important, if a beginer of Martial Arts wasn't sure on something, they could get to this site and work out thier problem I worked out mine anyway, OK welldone.

Sarah E.Yates

I enjoyed the article on strength training for martial artists, however I am especially interested in a more detailed disscussion on polymetric training: concepts, benifits, drawbacks, etc.

Branko Jambrosic

This is beautiful!!! The site comes together nicely. It is really professional without being too STAID or boring. Great job. It is very full, too. I look forward to reading the articles. wow.

L. H. S.

Congratulations FightingArts. You offer both high quality and depth of material. I'm glad that you are taking a more serious educational approach rather than what is often seen in most martial arts magazines on the newsstand. I'm sure you will have a bright future. And it's free.

Steve Steele

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