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Softcover, Spiral Bound, 136 Pages


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Oldman's Bubishi:
An Introduction to Bunkai from Karate's Kata

By Mark A. Cook

Limited Distribution.
Not found in stores.

You will love this book. The "Oldman's Bubishi" is an illustrated depiction of the concepts and applications (bunkai) of five of the most practiced of all karate kata -- the pinan or heian kata series. In the Korean arts these are known as Pyung Ahn, and along with the Hyung and Poomse variations, they helped inspire Korean Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

If you have practiced these kata, but didn't understand them, or wondered what fighting or self defense applications they might contain, this book is for you. The author is Mark Cook, an illustrator, who provides sequential drawings of each of these kata, as well as step by step visual depictions of applications. You will see and learn these kata's practical, real world self defense techniques. The book should also inspire your own thinking and exploration of these forms. As a result, these kata will become alive for you and give you a deeper understanding of old style karate imbedded, but hidden, within its kata.

DVD Cover
Back Cover


Length: Approximately one hour  
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White Crane Style:

Limited Distribution.
Not found in stores.

Sifu Liu Chang'I is a twelfth generation family inheritor of Feeding Crane Kung Fu (White Crane)

A style which is believed influenced the development of Okinawan Karate  - including Goju-Ryu and much of Shorin-Ryu karate including Hohan Soken's White Crane karate. Sifu Liu is a practical, no-nonsense technician, not one wrapped in theory or philosophy. Don't expect low, deep stances, spectacular high kicks and gymnastics. If this is what you are looking for this is not your art. But what Feeding Crane lacks in grace it makes up for in brutal efficiency. Instead, this DVD explores Feeding Crane's combat and self-defense applications as well as several kata. In short, this DVD represents a time capsule of brutal old-time technique. As I watched Sifu Liu in action, I was reminded of many similar techniques in my karate and its kata - combinations or soft and hard techniques. If you are interested in  the roots of your karate, or applications found in your kata, this DVD will interest you.

(Softcover, 143 pages, illustrated)


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within the US)

* The Meanings of Forms & Kata

By Bruce Miller

* This book is about understanding your karate kata – what you are doing. This is a serious topic and much of what is shown is dangerous. Thus it is for adults only.

Many people will give you lots of possibilities for the moves in a kata but unfortunately most of these are look alike moves and worse yet many of these so called explanations flat out don't work on the street. And some (explanations) are so different than what you are actually doing in the kata that you can't even recognize the move as what you have been practicing. The Problem with all these explanations is that they don't understand the rules of kata (YES there are definite rules!) And once you know them kata AND it’s real meanings, the moves make sense for self-defense ON THE STREET! WARNING: This book explains the brutal reality of what and how a kata does its job and is not suitable for those too young to know when not to use this information.

Note: these books or booklets are short and concise, and produced in black and white with soft folded paper covers. They are self-published by the author, and offered for the unique quality of their information. You will find nothing elce like them. If you expect thick glossy books with color photos, however, these books are not for you.


VHS Video

(Plus $6.00 Shipping within the US)

(Plus $6.00 Shipping within the US)

The Principles of Forms and Katas

By Bruce Miller

This video shows you the real combat principles behind the moves in forms/katas. While the meanings of many moves are shown, the actual principles behind all moves are explained so you can figure out your own meanings.

If you do not want to settle for just memorizing a few meanings then this video is for you!


(Clg – 204-S)
(Plus $6.00 shipping
in the US)

(Fighting Spirit)

On stiff white paper (Shikishi)
with a gold border.

10" 3/4 x 9" 1/2
27cm x 24cm

This piece is signed by the artist and includes the artists seal.

Note that the calligraphy you receive may vary from that shown here since every piece is a unique work of art.

More Choices In Calligraphy

Last Chance - Only A Few Remain
Never to be offered again

"Tai Gan Jo Ju"
(Accomplishment of your lifelong desire)
Limited Edition silk-screen on rice paper.

By Karate Master Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, 9th dan, founder of World Seido Karate Organization. Rarely does the opportunity arise to acquire such a powerful and personal momento from a world renowned karate master. Perfect for the home collector or dojo. A great present for any martial artist.


$325.00 unframed (11" X 41")

Karate - "Images In Time"

Fine Tsuba Prints by Guy Junker

These photos are masterful gems. Guy Junker takes samurai armor, swords, tsuba and arrows and turns them into artistic compositions. He uses arrangement and close focus to create aesthetic compositions. As a viewer you are struck by the beauty of the image while reminded of the inherent samurai spirit – a heritage that you as a martial artist have inherited.

Each 8 x 10 print comes with a double matte board making the overall size 11 x 14 inches. The back of each print is signed and dated by Guy Junker and features his red signature stamp. They are also individually numbered. Guy Junker is an illustrator and photographer living on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. He has been studying Muso Jikiden Eishen-ryu iaijutsu on Maui since 1999.


Tsuba –
The Mountain

Double Matted --$45.00
(Plus $6.50 shipping and handling within the US)

The Mountain

A warm sepia tone photograph

Noto, or the returning of the sword to the scabbard, is a fundamental part of iaido (the art of drawing the Japanese sword) training. The angle at which the sword first meets the saya (scabbard) has been referred to as a mountain. This angle is very important because it protects the opening of the saya from damage. It also makes putting the sword away much easier.

Stretching Video and Book
Special Combo Price



(Plus $5 Shipping
within the US)

The Secrets Of Stretching
By Tomas Kurtz - The world's foremost expert of flexibility training

This is a ground-breaking video for all those who wish to increase their flexability and improve their kicking skills. Many consider Kurtz's unique methods as almost revolutionary in concept.

In this video you will learn:

• what determines how flexible you are
• how to test your flexibility potential
• how to choose your stretching method
• how to arrange your strength training and stretching routine
(Video shows four ready-made exercise routines, from beginner to advanced.)
• how to have your full flexibility, normally available only after a warm-up, without any warm-up
• how to safely prepare yourself for strength and flexibility training shown on this tape -- leading eventually to Tom Kurz's results

(Plus $5 Shipping
within the US)



(Plus $5.00
Shipping in US)

Stretching Scientifically
A Guide To Flexibility Training
by Tom Kurtz, the foremost expert of flexability and stretching

New & Revised Fourth Edition

This book teaches you how to attain maximum height in your kicks and to be able to kick at that height with no warm-up!

You Will Learn:

• How to stretch safely and quickly to achieve and maintain your maximum flexibility
• How to make your muscles grow stronger and longer so you stay flexible all the time
• How to do splits even if you are over 40 or 50
• How to kick high and do splits with no warm-up
• How to develop each of the three kinds of flexibility ”dynamic, static active and static passive”to suit every athlete's needs
• What exercises are "no-no's" if you want to stretch your muscles
• All the factors limiting flexibility
• Brilliantly simple tests of hip joint mobility and muscle length that dispel common misconceptions of what limits flexibility the most


Books by Bruce Miller

Bruce Everett Miller is a 6th degree black belt in Quan Li K’an and a Physician’s Assistant. His hard to find, self-published books don’t feature glossy pictures or flashy moves. But they are true gems, full of logical, useful techniques, concepts and insights as well as explanations based on scientific and medical understandings – information not found anywhere where. For many readers he is the teacher they wish they had known long before.

Details Here

Technology Versus Magic

The Deadly Touch

The System of Pressure Points


Truth, Techniques and Reasons

(Softcover,120 pages, with more than 175 photos & illustrations)


(Plus $5 Shipping
within the US)
Combo Special

Motobu Choki Karate-My Art (the book)&
The Karate of Choki Motobu (the video)
A $69.95 value for only $62.95


Motobu Choki Karate-My Art
His 1932 Classic ”Watashi No Karate-Jutsu” & his 1926 publication “Okinawan Kenpo Karate-Jutsu”

Compiled & translated by Patrick & Yuriko McCarthy

This is the most comprehensive book on this Okinawan karate pioneer. First, there is a translation of Motobu’s two early books, Motobu’s original 1926 publication “Okinawan Kenpo Karate-Jutsu” outlining his twelve fighting drills, plus his classic 1932 text “Watashi No Karate-Jutsu” (My Karate) which portrays his favorite kata, Naihanchi (Tekki in Japan). There are also articles on Motobu by his contemporaries and others giving their recollections and viewpoints, many historic photos, and an overview of Motobu and his relationship with Funakoshi in Japan written Patrick McCarthy. Together these ingredients make an insightful book, for Motobu becomes flushed out and alive through his own works, and through the eyes of others. If you want to know more about Motobu, understand early karate, its techniques, fighting, its entry into Japan and evolution, this book is a must.



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