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Japanese Sword Arts

(Hardcover, 173 pages, illustrated)


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Kendo –The Definitive Guide
By Hiroshi Ozawa

Kendo, the way of the sword, is the modern version of one of Japan’s oldest martial arts and the one most closely associated with the Samurai. Classical sword arts have been immortalized in the action movies of Akira Kurosawa and in the tales of the great Japanese swordsman Miyamato Musashi. This is the definitive guide for all non-Japanese kendo practitioners. It is the first book in English to provide a practical and truly comprehensive view of the modern version of the classical sword arts that have developed into a highly competitive sport enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. The author covers everything the beginner needs to know, from basics of uniforms and equipment, to competition, including step-by-step explanations of fundamental technique. There is also a special section on the history and development of this art.


(Paperback, 177 pages, glossary, illustrated)


(Plus $5.00
Shipping in US)


Complete Kendo
By John J. Donohue

New & Revised Fourth Edition

This is a great introduction to the Japanese way of the sword, a competitive art derived from the battlefield sword techniques of the Samurai, which has in many ways many influenced the development and practice of other martial arts in Japan and elsewhere. Donohue is a master writer who possesses a superb understanding of the martial arts. This highly readable text is highly readable, full of concepts and principles, philosophy and technique – a text uniquely structured around the organization of Miyamoto Musashi’s (the most famous Japanese swordsman of all time) own pioneer text of strategy, “The Book Of Five Rings.” In this book you will receive a guided tour of the principles, technique and philosophy around which Kendo was founded. Many readers will recognize Donohue’s name from his articles on this site as well as his martial arts thriller – “Sensei” (also offered in the e-store).





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