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(Check out books on Stretching)

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(Plus $5 Shipping
within the US)

The Secrets Of Stretching
By Tomas Kurtz - The world's foremost expert of flexibility training

This is a ground-breaking video for all those who wish to increase their flexability and improve their kicking skills. Many consider Kurtz's unique methods as almost revolutionary in concept.

In this video you will learn:

• what determines how flexible you are
• how to test your flexibility potential
• how to choose your stretching method
• how to arrange your strength training and stretching routine
(Video shows four ready-made exercise routines, from beginner to advanced.)
• how to have your full flexibility, normally available only after a warm-up, without any warm-up
• how to safely prepare yourself for strength and flexibility training shown on this tape -- leading eventually to Tom Kurz's results



(Plus $5 Shipping
within the US)


Power High Kicks With No Warm-Up!
By By Mac Mierzejewski

Truly a great video for anyone who wants to improve their kicks.

• Learn the essential details of techniques that will let you kick high and with power without any warm-up!
• Kick "cold" without injuring yourself or pulling muscles
• Put more power and snap in your high kicks
• Learn exercises and drills that make sure your hips and knees don't hurt when you throw high side and roundhouse kicks.
• Reduce your chance of injury!

Mac Mierzejewski, is a full-contact karate fighter and instructor. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Sports Medicine (AWF-University School of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland) and a M.Sc. degree in Physical Therapy (University of Alberta, Canada). At AWF in Warsaw he completed two additional two-year university courses for karate instructors and boxing instructors.






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