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Who We Are is one Of The Most Exciting And Dynamic Martial Arts Sites On The Web

FightingArts.Com is an online community of traditional martial artists, historians, and writers dedicated to the promotion and understanding of their arts through the exciting medium of the Internet.

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of lively and authoritative content, packed with photos and illustrations. Our content includes timely and historical information, technical presentations, and interviews.

Our articles and forums cover a wide variety of martial arts, including karate, judo, jujutsu, aikido, kung fu, and the sword arts. The site is not associated with any specific school, style or organization, nor limited to Asian martial arts.

Many of our contributors are well-known martial artists, historians or published authorities. Our editors and other staff members include industry experts, editors and journalists, all experts in their arts or fields of knowledge.

In just two years we have become one of the primer martial arts sites on the web and have received outstanding acclaim from both readers and other martial arts publications.

Reader Profile attracts a wide variety of well educated and sopohisticated Martial Arts readers, most with experience, with a high percentage of teachers, instructors, and those with an active interest in history, technique and the martial arts in general.

Overview of our readers:

Gender – 82% Male
Age - 60% in the 25-45 age range
Education – 67% at least some college
Occupations - Over 50 % Management, professional or technical
Household Income - 46% income over $35,000

Years Of Martial Arts Experience
10 Years + 54%
5-10 Years 19%
1-5 Years 21%
0-1 Year 6%

Visiting habits:

85% tell us that the articles are the right level for them.
55% visit the site at least once a week.
61% spend at least 6 hours per week on the site.
58% spend at least 21 minutes per typical visit.

Readers Are Saying

"I must congratulate you and your staff for such informative articles. Our school has benefited so much from your hard work and dedication to the martial arts. Keep up the hard work and may you be richly blessed for your efforts."

"Outstanding! Again, I am very impressed by the quality of your articles. However, I am not surprised, considering the quality of your contributors".

"Great work, as usual. Keep it coming. Wonderfully refreshing that someone with class is continuing to publish historical and authentic articles about Karatedo."

"Your site is great. The internet is becoming congested with martial arts websites that are poorly written and full of ridiculous claims. is well written and informative. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is serious about traditional martial arts!"

"I have just finished exploring your wonderful site. Firstly my congratulations to your team for an outstanding effort! The site has the potential to be the most comprehensive site available on the fighting arts."

"I came upon a link to your "Presidential Judo" article. I was quite impressed with the content and quality of the article; but particularly excited about the professionalism of your entire on-line magazine. The appearance is really user-friendly and the content is all valid- a combination that is far too rare in martial arts publications from any media."

"Wonderful! I have searched long and hard for a well done, professional, and most of all DIGNIFIED Martial Arts site, and is it! Please keep up the quality. As a police officer and student, I appreciate the well-written and practical articles. My heart felt thanks! "

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