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Terry Bryan

Simple Lessons: Posture: Meaning and Intent
By Terry Bryan

The true essence of Okinawan karate is in understanding the Kamai, or the fighting postures of the kata.

Simple Lessons: Keeping Your Distance
By Terry Bryan

The proper spacing that 'fits' the situation is a crucial element in combat that has been used as long as we have recorded history.

Simple Lessons: Rei ? A Bow Of Respect
By Terry Bryan

Senior and respected teachers who are the most humble and respectful understand that respect is not something one can demand, but is earned by showing respect to others.

Simple Lessons: Attitude ? Shisei
By Terry Bryan

Proper attitude shapes you life and is critical in developing the confidence and indomitable spirit to help you face conflict and challenge.

Simple Lessons: 'Dao' or 'Do'
By Terry Bryan

Dao, also spelled Tao, is a very important concept in ancient Chinese thought and although it is often translated as "the way" or "the path," these words do not do justice to the true meaning.

Simple Lessons: The Wisdom of the Crane
By Terry Bryan

The key to the crane's ability is mental balance, and the ability to be calm and relaxed so as to move quickly and respond.

Simple Lessons: Attitude Determines Success
By Terry Bryan

In the martial arts attitude is the one factor that has the greatest impact on individual performance.

Simple Lessons: Mokuteki o Motte Hajimeru - Begin With the End in Mind
By Terry Bryan

Seven steps to successful planning can be summarized in an old Japanese adage that goes: See your target and hold it in your mind, then begin.

Simple Lessons: The Hawk and the Art of Scanning
By Terry Bryan

While the hawk has many physical attributes, other hidden qualities are just as important to its success.

Simple Lessons: Kaizen ? The Path of Constant and Never Ending Improvement
By Terry Bryan

The warrior constantly strives to increase his abilities because he understands that you are either get better or worse all the time.

Simple Lessons: The Law of Personal Responsibility
By Terry Bryan

The training we do every day ? mental, physical and spiritual -- is the foundation for success on the battlefield and in life.

Simple Lessons: Giri
By Terry Bryan

Giri is not easily understood by the Western mind that values individualism since the word includes meaning such as family and group loyalty, duty, responsibility and obligation.

Simple Lessons: Tamashii - Indomitable Spirit
By Terry Bryan

One of the major benefits of training under a good instructor in a classical art is the development of what martial artist call Tamashii or indomitable spirit.

Simple Lessons: A Warrior?s Journey Begins With The End In Mind
By Terry Bryan

Having a visual target to strive for allows you to begin with the end in mind. In doing so you take charge. You become a warrior in life.

Ten Commandments of Running a Successful Martial Arts Business
By Terry Bryan

It is a shame that more quality instructors don?t run successful operations and pass on quality martial arts instruction to the next generation. To do so, however, requires successful marketing and sales.

Simple Lessons: Gi - The Bushido Concept of Righteousness, Justice or Morality
By Terry Bryan

The Samurai listed seven virtues of bushido, the first being ?gi? or righteousness, justice or morality.

Simple Lessons: Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight
By Terry Bryan

Successful people don?t always win. They face set backs just like everyone else does. The key is not to give up and to see challenges as opportunities not as problems designed to set you back.

Simple Lessons: Why I Dislike Wimps
By Terry Bryan

I am developing a real disinterest in spending time and dealing with people that have a defeatist attitude and are not willing to do what it takes to get things done.

They Just Don't Get It
By Terry Bryan

In times of recession it makes no sense to cut back on service. This is especially true for those in the martial arts. Instead, your martial arts school or business should exceed in its customer service. Those that do are the ones most likely to continue to thrive.

To See What Others Do Not See
By Terry Bryan

Practicing karate, taekwondo or other martial arts can build mental skills that can translate into success in life as well as business.

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