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Romulus Hillsborough

Sakamoto Ryoma ? The Indispensable 'Nobody'
By Romulus Hillsborough

Although virtually unknown in the west, this Japanese heroic figure helped mold a modern Japan out of the fragmented cloth of feudal tradition.

Katsu Kaishu: The Man Who Saved Early Modern Japan
By Romulus Hillsborough

This consummate samurai was among the most remarkable of the numerous heroes of the Meiji Restoration.

Yoshida Shoin: The Archetype of Japanese Revolutionaries
By Romulus Hillsborough

He was the principal intellectual protagonist of the Meiji Restoration of 1868 who helped guide Japan into the modern era.

The Samurai, the Ship, and the Golden Gate
By Romulus Hillsborough

In March 1860 a group of Japanese Samurai arrived in San Francisco Bay in a tiny armed schooner, the Kanrin Maru, commanded by Katsu Kaishu in advance of an official delegation. What they experienced was a shock to their cultural experience.

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