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Paul Zaichik

Balancing The Push-up
By Paul Zaichik

The complementary exercise to the push-up is not the chin-up, as many people would think.

Leg Circles Part 1 ? Stretching the Hip Muscles for Higher Kicks
By Paul Zaichik

This exercise loosens up and stretches the muscles surrounding the hip joints. Practicing it regularly will promote higher, faster and more powerful kicks.

Leg Circles Part 2 ? Stretching the Hip Muscles for Higher Kicks
By Paul Zaichik

This variation of leg circles help stretch the hamstring muscles which are important in all high kicks.

Leg Circles Part 3 - Using Reciprocal Inhibition To Assist Stretching
By Paul Zaichik

This exercise shows how by tensing opposing muscles you can relax the hamstrings.

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