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Herb Borkland

Forty Hours of SCARS: An Exclusive Look Inside the Worlds Most Expensive Self-defense Training
By Herb Borkland

An introduction to the Navy Seal fighting system

Are Martial Arts Dead? One Life/One Style
By Herb Borkland

Have mixed martial arts become the new wave in training, or are traditional programs still thriving?

What's So Bad About Martial Sports?
By Herb Borkland

Between a martial art and a martial sport lies a wealth of physical sophistication.

Viewpoint: Apologies to Martial Sports
By Herb Borkland

The phenomenon of role-model martial arts instructors has become unique in a society where the public schools and even The Boy Scouts no longer teach the simplest human values. That it should end up being, of all people, the strip-mall masters who are helping save a lost generation, makes me proud as hell.

Viewpoint: What Style is Best?
By Herb Borkland

When I asked my friend, "What is the best martial arts style?", he said something rather profound. "The best style is...

Training In America?s First Taekowndo School
By Herb Borkland

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace once called me a liar in public when I mentioned I had been an original student, by Jhoon Rhee's personal invitation, at the first taekwondo school in America.

Cynthia Rothrock - Honor & Cuteness
By Herb Borkland

Today we idolize big brother Bruce and feel like Chuck is our dad. Cynthia is mom. Every time in a movie or TV show when you see yet another slim actress suddenly turn into a kickboxing cyclone, you might remind yourself of who cut the template, originally.

Viewpoint: Did Mankind Evolve from Martial Arts Instructors?
By Herb Borkland

Humanity may owe its very existence to the earliest martial arts instructors, man?s evolutionary precursors ?monkeys.

Viewpoint: Selling Out
By Herb Borkland

Selling out involves what you teach, not how you teach it. If you maintain your curriculum but add new methods that are positive, you shouldn?t be criticized.

Viewpoint: Morihei Ueshiba: The Saint Kicks Butt
By Herb Borkland

At a time that we are looking to find spiritual new warriors in esoteric new models we only need look at films of an 80-year-old Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, who demonstrates aikido's ideal of how power is based on technique, the perfection of form and not muscular power.

Viewpoint: What didn?t Bruce Lee understand?
By Herb Borkland

Bruce Lee complained that traditional kung-fu wasn?t straight-forward enough, not truly centered on efficient fighting, but, instead, had gotten clogged up with ?flowery? motions and useless repetitions. What didn?t Bruce Lee understand?

An Open Letter To Chuck Norris
By Herb Borkland

The question for an international karate star at the height of his reputation is? now what? Perhaps politics?

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