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Gene Roos

Sports Versus Martial Arts: Does Ultimate Fighting Protect You In Real Life Situations?
By Gene Roos

Ultimate Fighters are not always trained for street situations where they might be weapons and multiple attackers.

Finding A Martial Arts Instructor
By Gene Roos

Be selective when choosing a new martial arts school or instructor. There are a lot flashy instant masters, and self-promoted teachers out there who don?t have the background or sufficient knowledge to be what they claim.

Defeating a Grab for the Gun
By Gene Roos

When an officer is making an arrest, dealing with suspicious individuals or escorting a defendant he or she is always at risk of a sudden attack, gun or weapon?s grab.

The Rear Takedown Assist: Helping Stem An Assault
By Gene Roos

There are simple, non-violent ways to stop an assault on someone else. Here is one method.

Defeating A Knife Hold Up - A True Story
By Gene Roos

When faced with a hold up by knife this defender knew what to do.

Getting Robbed At Gunpoint:What To Do? It Depends.
By Gene Roos

Most people when faced with a gun toting robber are best advised to be compliant and readily give up their money or wallet. But some with gun disarming training may decide to respond differently. Her is one scenario.

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