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Gary Gabelhouse

Budo and Business: Dispelling A Myth . . .
By Gary Gabelhouse

A tragic myth in the martial arts is that good business practices and commercial success is often equated with negative attributes.

Why Students Quit
By Gary Gabelhouse

Our study found that over 50 percent of students quit for reasons beyond the control of the instructor, or school owner.

Viewpoint - The Many Sides of the Martial Arts
By Gary Gabelhouse

Which art or discipline is strongest, what kind of training is best, are pure or eclectic arts best, tournament versus budo karate, are martial arts street effective?

Viewpoint - Humor and the Martial Arts
By Gary Gabelhouse

Humor can be an awesome self-defense.

Street Stories: Calm, Control & Restraint
By Gary Gabelhouse

Very few of us have the need actually to use our martial-arts training in a stressful situation, but recently I had the opportunity to test what I have learned.

Street Stories: Dutch KLM Daitoryu -A martial encounter at 40,000 feet
By Gary Gabelhouse

How a little luck and a jujutsu control technique quelled an in-air ruckus before it got out of control.

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