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About Thomas Kurtz
By FightingArts Staff

Misconceptions, difficulty doing a side split, testing and different kinds of stretching.

Kendo Terminology A-Z
By FightingArts Staff

Meaning and concepts of basic Japanese kendo terminology.

Fighting Disciplines A-Z
By FightingArts Staff

An extensive List of fighting disciplines from around the world.

By FightingArts Staff

What is this central concept that underlies most of martial arts?

By FightingArts Staff

What is this central concept that underlies most of martial arts?

The Center
By FightingArts Staff

This term is rarely used in the West but in Asian martial arts it is a central concept.

By FightingArts Staff

Ma-ai refers to the critical distance between opponents, a point at which forces are essentially neutral, but where anything can happen.

By FightingArts Staff

A concept that is often used to describe a student's progression through training.

Seishin tanren
By FightingArts Staff

Spiritual forging is the higher purpose and end of all physical technique in budo.

By FightingArts Staff

This refers to constant awareness, preparedness for danger and readiness for action.

By FightingArts Staff

The Indian mystic named Guatama Siddhartha who founded Buddhism after leaving his noble life as son of a Prince in the Skaya clan (Northern India) at age 29 to search for truth.

By FightingArts Staff

Buddhism is the doctrine preached by Buddha and its later developments.

Ch'an Buddhism
By FightingArts Staff

Ch'an is a Chinese term for a sect of meditative Buddhist (later called Zen in Japan) traced to an Indian monk, Bodhidharma.

Fudo Myo-o
By FightingArts Staff

The deity symbolizes the mind that does not move, or the body that is not unsettled even when surrounded by danger.

Sensei Uematsu Yoshiyuki A Japanese Renaissance Man
By FightingArts Staff

This Karate expert and teacher of iaido, the art of drawing the Japanese sword, is also an accomplished artist and advocate of Zen.

Terminology A-Z
By FightingArts Staff

An inclusive list of martial arts terminology

Terminology - Body Parts
By FightingArts Staff

Japanese anatomical terms and their English equivalents.

Terminology - Commands and Responses
By FightingArts Staff

Common Japanese martial arts commands and responses and their English translations.

Book Review - Complete Aikido - Aikido Kyohan: The Definitive Guide to the Way of Harmony
By FightingArts Staff

This is the first and welcome book by Roy Suenaka, an early pioneer of American aikido with impressive credentials: he studied both under aikido's founder Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, as well as Koichi Tohei.

Ask The Teacher: What is the exact definition to budo?
By FightingArts Staff

Budo refers to post-1600 Japanese fighting systems which emphasize "do"- personal, ethical and spiritual development.

Ask The Teacher - Topic: Shinra Saburoi
By FightingArts Staff

I would like to find out more about the person named Shinra Saburo. I hear his name mentioned in both Korean & Japanese Martial Art histories.

Ask the Teacher - Topic: Ship Pal Gi
By FightingArts Staff

I have been told that Ship Pal Gi is Korean Kung fu. What Chinese style if any can it be compared to or what type of applications are used?

Ask the Teacher - Topic: O Sensei
By FightingArts Staff

I have heard some Japanese martial arts students address their teachers with 'O Sensei,' and also 'Osu Sensei.' Are the two forms of address derived from the same source?

Ask the Teacher - Topic: 'meijin'
By FightingArts Staff

Can you give me a detailed definition of the Japanese term 'meijin'?

Ask the Teacher - Topic: Deadliest Art
By FightingArts Staff

Out of all the techniques and all the different styles of martial arts, such as karate, kung fu, kempo, etc., if you were to pick one, which of these styles do you consider the deadliest (even though they are deadly all, if used correctly).

Ask The Teacher: Martial Arts Practices And Religion
By FightingArts Staff

In martial arts schools when they speak of spiritual principals do these principals involve rituals that conflict with someone who is a Christian?

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