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Elie Morrell

Common Causes of Judo Student Attrition
By Elie Morrell

There is a relationship between attrition by Judo students and the attributes possessed by the coach, his coaching style as well as the use of poor training equipment.

The Significance of Movement in Judo
By Elie Morrell

One of the most satisfying feelings in judo is the experience of performing a throwing technique with a minimum of effort and flawless execution. But why do most judo players rarely experience this feeling?

The Value of Uchikomi in the Development of Judo Skills
By Elie Morrell

In Judo just practicing the skill(s) of throwing in part does not improve the skill. Sports psychologists now point out to improve throwing skills they should be completed in an environment closer to competition.

Characteristic Traits of a Good Judo Coach
By Elie Morrell

The judo coach's basic job is to pass on his knowledge to others in a clear and understandable way. If he can't properly communicate, this will have long range adverse effects on the students' progress in judo.

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