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Self Defense

Defense Through Awareness
By Meghan Gardner

Simple changes of action can protect you from dangerous situations that can leave you vulnerable.

Hard Reality: How One Barroom Encounter Changed One Cop's Views On Fighting
By Robin Martin

How one real life incident changed my concept of what was effective in the martial arts.

The Double Lapel Grab
By Christopher Caile

As an attack it may be scary, but in reality it does little more than ruffle your jacket while you as a defender have lots of options.

The Combat Roll
By Prof. Gene Roos

The combat roll is not pretty like those in judo or aikido, but it just may end up saving you from serious injury.

Surviving A Multi-Opponent Attack Part 1: Interfering With And Avoiding An Impending Attack
By Christopher Caile

An attack by multiple assailants can be your worst nightmare but there are both physical and psychological tools you can use to interrupt or stop it before it fully develops.

Surviving A Multi-Opponent Attack Part 2: Principles And Tactics
By Christopher Caile

To survive a multiple assailant attack you have to be mentally prepared and know how to take control, interrupt the attack, move and counter and create a whirlwind of pain and confusion.

Surviving A Multi-Opponent Attack Part 3: Maneuvering For Advantage: Basics
By Christopher Caile

The basic movement strategy against an attack from multiple assailants starts with the basics of standing, moving and turning.

Surviving A Multi-Opponent Attack Part 4: Maneuvering For Advantage: Putting It Together
By Christopher Caile

The strategy of how and where to move when facing multiple opponents is a critical element, one that can help even the odds and help you survive.

Surviving A Multi-Opponent Attack Part 5: Maneuvering For Advantage: More Scenarios
By Christopher Caile

Here are more multiple attacher scenarios and the movement strategy of how and where to move to help you even the odds and maybe survive.

Self-Defense Weapons: A Comparative Look
By Meghan Gardner

There are a lot of simple weapons that you can use for self-defense, but sometimes they can also be used against you.

Signs of a Potential Victim: Defying the Hunt
By Meghan Gardner

It catches you by surprise when you lose your awarness, such as when you put down your briefcase only long enough to dig out a boarding pass and then reach down to retrieve it, but your fingers grasp at air.

Travel Safety: In Your Auto
By Meghan Gardner

Some simple rules on how to avoid becoming an easy target when in your automobile

Up Against The Wall
By Christopher Caile

Pushing someone from behind into a wall or object to hit or steal from them is a common technique, but it is easy to counter with a little knowledge.

Ouch! Stop Pulling My Hair
By Christopher Caile

Getting caught in a hair pull can be dangerous and painful, but if you are prepared you can easily escape.

Defeating The Headlock - Part 1 - At The Moment Of Initiation
By Christopher Caile

Using this technique you can thwart an attacker's attempt to put you in a headlock so effectively that you will just seem to disappear

Defeating The Headlock - Part 2 - Against A Headlock Already In Place
By Christopher Caile

How to get out of even the most determined headlock, but also how to escape without hurting those who are also just playing around with the hold.

Defeating The Headlock - Part 2 - Against A Headlock Already In Place (Continued)
By Christopher Caile

Defeating the Football Tackle
By Prof. Gene Roos

While this attack can completely overwhelm a defender, it can also be easily countered.

Ouch! The Mighty Little Pinch For Self-defense
By Christopher Caile

A pinch won't permanently damage anyone, but wow, does it hurt.

Escaping The Wrist Grab: Part 1 - From The Same Side
By Christopher Caile

There are many methods of escaping from a same side wrist grab, but some are better than others.

Escaping The Wrist Grab: Part 2 - From The Opposite Side
By Christopher Caile

Here are some simple and effective self-defense techniques that anyone can use to escape a cross arm wrist grab.

Escaping The Wrist Grab: Part 3, The Two Arm Wrist Grab
By Christopher Caile

While the two arm wrist grab can be scary for the defender, in fact it is easy to escape from this attack because it is fatally flawed.

Escaping The Wrist Grab: Part 3, The Two Arm Wrist Grab (Continued)
By Christopher Caile

Opinion - Being Too Careful
By Christopher Caile

When we are beginners in the martial arts, it's important when practicing with a partner to be careful with our techniques so we don't cause injury, but above a certain level being too careful can have the opposite effect.

Opinion - The Disservice Of Bad Technique
By Christopher Caile

I have seen it taught for years -- self-defense technique that just won't work.

The Straight Arm Double Lapel Grab, Part 1
By Christopher Caile

This technique taken from the karate kata Pinan four is a simple, easy to execute self-defense for this type attack.

The Straight Arm Double Lapel Grab, Part 2
By Christopher Caile

Although many self-defense techniques that are taught to be used against this attack just don’t work, this technique taken from a karate kata is very effective.

Fighting Back At 40,000 Feet: Part 1- Responding To Airborne Terrorists
By Christopher Caile

It?s highly improbable, but if you should find yourself face-to-face with armed terrorist onboard an airplane here are some thoughts on what you could do.

Fighting Back At 40,000 Feet: Part 2 - Group Principles, Individual Strategies
By Christopher Caile

Here are some strategies, tactics and methods you might employ if you are ever confronted by airborne terrorists.

Fighting Back At 40,000 Feet: Part 3 - Weapons, Shields and Artillery
By Christopher Caile

Improvised shields and weapons will not guarantee your success, but better armed than naked against fanatical armed assailants.

The Rear-Fall Throw In Self Defense
By Prof. Gene Roos

Most assailants are unprepared for this type self-defense technique and it takes them totally by surprise.

Releasing The Arms To Counter A Front Bear Hug
By Prof. Gene Roos

Real life is often different from practice, and when students try to use what they have been taught in an actual attack, it often fails them at the moment they need it most.

Some Personal Observations On Dealing With Dog Attacks: Part 1- Prevention
By George Donahue

A dog attack can be dangerous and terrifying, but if you know what to do it can often be avoided before it begins.

Some Personal Observations On Dealing With Dog Attacks: Part 2- If Attacked
By George Donahue

When attacked I have defended myself when I needed to and at times I had no choice but to harm the dog, but, I've never caused them more harm than was necessary.

Defense To A Bag Over The Head Attack From The Rear
By Prof. Gene Roos

Most people have no idea how to defend themselves against this type of surprise attack.

Defense Against The Shove
By Stan Hart

Any defense is bolstered by a triad of old methods once central to old Okinawan karate.

Defense Against A Rear Bear Hug Attack - Part 2: A Static Upper Arm Grab From The Rear
By Christopher Caile

If you respond quickly you can slip out of an attacker?s initial rear grab.

Defense Against A Rear Bear Hug Attack - Part 3: A Low Grab Around The Elbows
By Christopher Caile

This type of bear hug attack is more difficult to defend against, but if you vigorously counter-attack you can often take control of the situation.

Your $5 Ma'am: An Approach By A Serial Killer
By Christopher Caile

A recent incident highlights just how creative potential attackers can be in their tactics to get you to let your guard down.

Up Against The Wall - 2
By Prof. Gene Roos

If an attacker pushes you up against a wall from behind with one hand it is likely that he may try to hit you with his other hand. In this case it is critical to pivot to the outside, away from the potential strike.

A Simple, But Powerful Tool Most Attackers Won?t Expect
By Christopher Caile

It?s not flashy and it is often almost awkward in execution. It is also too often just ignored in practice. But the simple rear kick should be an important tool in anyone?s self-defense inventory.

When All Else Fails
By Christopher Caile

Are there any karate techniques that you can absolutely depend upon if all else fails ? techniques that can work against bigger, stronger attackers or against those seemingly impervious to pain or who exhibit almost superhuman strength as a result of being high on drugs?

What Are You Going To Do, Shoot Me? BANG
By Christopher Caile

When confronted on an urban street by a gang of muggers with one member holding a gun it is probably not a good idea to challenge the gun holder to shoot you.

"Get In The Car"
By Christopher Caile

You can be very vulnerable when approaching your parked vehicle or waiting in your stopped vehicle. Here are 10 basic rules of car self-defense everyone should know.

The Weakness Of Strength -How An Aggressive Attacker Can Set Himself Up For Defeat
By Christopher Caile

When an aggressor is looking for a fight, don?t get caught up in the emotion. But if he still attacks, self defense is often simplified by his actions.

Do Basics Work For Self-Defense?
By Christopher Caile

Basics in karate, taekwondo and kung fu help perfect basic skills, but if you think they are useful for self-defense, think again.

The Rear Takedown Assist: Helping Stem An Assault
By Gene Roos

There are simple, non-violent ways to stop an assault on someone else. Here is one method.

Defeating A Knife Hold Up - A True Story
By Gene Roos

When faced with a hold up by knife this defender knew what to do.

Gangs: A Bigger Problem Than You Think
By Lawrence Kane

Gangs are everybody?s problem and it is getting worse. Nationally there are more than a million gang members. In some communities they are responsible for as much as 80 percent of crime. And if you cross a gang member things will get ugly.

Getting Robbed At Gunpoint:What To Do? It Depends.
By Gene Roos

Most people when faced with a gun toting robber are best advised to be compliant and readily give up their money or wallet. But some with gun disarming training may decide to respond differently. Her is one scenario.

Hungry Eyes -- The Look Of A Warrior
By Christopher Caile

Developing "Hungry Eyes" should be part of your kata, part of your martial arts training. It is a form of self defense. It can ward off an attacker and intimidate. It can stop aggression in its tracks.

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