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Opinion - The Bottom Line Of Training
By Christopher Caile

Without this basic skill everything else you have learned becomes useless at the very moment you need to call upon it.

Opinion - Are we teaching self defense?
By Christopher Caile

Most teachers think if they are teaching a martial art, such as karate, kung fu, aikido or judo, their students are learning self-defense. But are they?

Opinion - Remembering Our Defining Elements
By Christopher Caile

Years ago a martial arts school in a city neighborhood, or in a small town, was something unique.

Opinion - Is it time for those who write about the martial arts to become journalists?
By Christopher Caile

It is time that the martial arts should expect dependable writing, factual research and informed viewpoints, not just pulp to fill in between ads.

Viewpoint - Emulating The Masters
By Eddy Schumacher

One of the basic tenets of success in anything is to find someone who is successful at that thing and to emulate them.

Viewpoint - The Many Sides of the Martial Arts
By Gary Gabelhouse

Which art or discipline is strongest, what kind of training is best, are pure or eclectic arts best, tournament versus budo karate, are martial arts street effective?

Opinion - Grasping Budo By More Than One Corner
By Christopher Caile

Many years ago while I was living in Tokyo, Donn Draeger once said to me, 'You can't grasp Budo by a single corner.'

Opinon - The Cost Of Martial Arts Training
By Christopher Caile

Too often I read disparaging comments by martial artists about others who they perceive as charging too much for lessons, equating them to some sort of monetary vampires who are impure and who betray the principles of their art.

Viewpoint: The Dojo Is Where Your Feet Are Planted
By Ken Tallack

My older brother in the path of Budo, Yogi said, we carry the dojo with us in our minds and hearts, and as they are so will our dojo be.

Simple Lessons: Keeping Your Distance
By Terry Bryan

The proper spacing that 'fits' the situation is a crucial element in combat that has been used as long as we have recorded history.

Viewpoint: Below the Event Horizon
By Victor Smith

One of the most powerful tools of Karate is its ability to strike below the 'event horizon' of an opponent?s awareness.

Viewpoint - Humor and the Martial Arts
By Gary Gabelhouse

Humor can be an awesome self-defense.

Opinion - The Importance of Real-World Feedback
By Christopher Caile

Modern martial arts often neglect to provide the real-world verification of technique that once honed the martial skills of the Samurai class. In the feudal period Samurai martial technique were tested on the battlefield and actual combat proved the validity of their arts.

Vidwpoint: The Mind Of The Beginner
By Ken Tallack

The open mind of the beginner is a unique thing. Beginners will commonly accept almost any approach the instructor chooses for thier first lesson.

Viewpoint: A Life That Counts
By Hoosain Narker

Chances are, you will not read your own obituary, but you have already begun to write it - day by day, moment by moment by the way you live your life.

Opinion:The Best Anti-aging Formula
By Christopher Caile

The best anti-aging formula isn?t a pill or a supplement but something you have right before you as a martial artist.

Viewpoint: Of Sheep & Tigers
By Perry Campell

There are tigers and sheep and while both provide benefits, if you are a sheep don?t delude yourself into the belief that you are a tiger.

Simple Lessons: The Hawk and the Art of Scanning
By Terry Bryan

While the hawk has many physical attributes, other hidden qualities are just as important to its success.

Simple Lessons: The Law of Personal Responsibility
By Terry Bryan

The training we do every day ? mental, physical and spiritual -- is the foundation for success on the battlefield and in life.

The Zen Mirror: Crippled By Comfort
By Jeff Brooks

It takes work and an unusual degree of insight to see that there is something unnatural and harmful in an inactive life.

Simple Lessons: A Warrior?s Journey Begins With The End In Mind
By Terry Bryan

Having a visual target to strive for allows you to begin with the end in mind. In doing so you take charge. You become a warrior in life.

The Edge Of Experience
By Christopher Caile

Is an older karate competitor at a disadvantage when facing a younger, stronger opponent? Not if he is experienced.

Are Martial Arts Dead? One Life/One Style
By Herb Borkland

Have mixed martial arts become the new wave in training, or are traditional programs still thriving?

What's So Bad About Martial Sports?
By Herb Borkland

Between a martial art and a martial sport lies a wealth of physical sophistication.

Viewpoint: Apologies to Martial Sports
By Herb Borkland

The phenomenon of role-model martial arts instructors has become unique in a society where the public schools and even The Boy Scouts no longer teach the simplest human values. That it should end up being, of all people, the strip-mall masters who are helping save a lost generation, makes me proud as hell.

Viewpoint: What Style is Best?
By Herb Borkland

When I asked my friend, "What is the best martial arts style?", he said something rather profound. "The best style is...

Simple Lessons: Why I Dislike Wimps
By Terry Bryan

I am developing a real disinterest in spending time and dealing with people that have a defeatist attitude and are not willing to do what it takes to get things done.

Viewpoint: Did Mankind Evolve from Martial Arts Instructors?
By Herb Borkland

Humanity may owe its very existence to the earliest martial arts instructors, man?s evolutionary precursors ?monkeys.

Martial Mania: Defrag Yourself
By George Donahue

Just as we need to defragment our computer hard drives regularly to keep them effective, we need to defrag our mental hard drives to remain effective as students and teachers of martial ways.

Martial Mania: Martial Paranoia
By George Donahue

" Are you vigilant or just paranoid? Just as there is a fine line between love and hate, there is a fine line between paranoia and appropriate defensive awareness.

Martial Mania: The Vocabulary of Self-Defense
By George Donahue

I like hanging out with martial artists and karate ka. There is a lot of nobility in their hearts, a lot of wisdom in their heads, however humble they are. On average, too, karate practitioners and the martial artists I've met have tended to be more generous than usual and one of the best interventions we have within our power is to make living conditions better, or at least more hopeful, for those who are doing without.

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