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Martial Arts: Law Enforcement

Defeating A Grab For The Gun

By Gene Roos

On YouTube I recently viewed a courtroom episode in which a defendant suddenly reacted violently, and tried to wrest a gun from the holster of a nearby officer. Luckily others intervened and the defendant was quickly controlled.

The officer in this case was lucky. But what about similar situations when an officer is alone and he or she is making an arrest or dealing with suspicious individuals?  In these situations, danger always lurks.

Here is one defensive scenario that follows what I saw on TV. The officer is attacked from his non-gun side, the attacker reaching around the officer’s waist to try to get access to the gun.  Of course there are many other scenarios too, but hopefully this defense may prove illustrative. It shows how simple jujutsu principles can effectively be used on the street.

For civilians this scenario has applications too. An attacker may be reaching for a purse or to grab hold of a fanny pack or anything else, like a cell phone or keys, that might be attached to a belt.

Gun Grap Sequence #1

Attacker side grabs the deputy and his right hand attempts to remove the deputy's pistol from the holster.

The deputy kplaces his right elbow over the attacker's right hand (trap gun to his side). Then the deputy places his left foot behind the attacker's left foot and his left knee against the attacker's left knee.

Gun Grab Sequence #2

The defender's left knee bends against the attacker's knee (causes a knee lock), which throws the attacker to the ground.

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About The Author:

Prof. Gene Roos, 10th dan Ju Jitsu, and 4th dan in judo, is a member of the Board of Directors for the America Ju Jitsu Association. He is a frequent contributor to In 1958 he was awarded Shodan (Judo) and won the Regional Judo Champion. In 1958 & 1959 he was the Judo State Champion. His instructors include: Harold Brosious (Ketsugo), Dennis Palumbo (Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu, 8th Dan), George Kirby, & Shizuya Sato (Ju Jitsu), Wally Jay (Small Circle Ju Jitsu), Dr. Sacharnoski (Hard Style Ju Jitsu & Ki) and Master Mochizuki (a student of Funakoshi, Kano, & Ueshiba). He is also the author of a series of upcoming books on Aiki jujitsu as well as a number of videos including: "Aiki Jujitsu" (a three video tapes series with manuals); "Deadly Attacks" (defense against 30 knife, gun, stick and empty hand attacks); "Deadly Attacks- part II" (defense against an additional 30 knife, gun and empty hand attacks); "Deadly Attacks III" and "Devastating Throws and Other Deadly Attacks " (defense against 30 advanced combat throws, knife attacks, stick, and a rear shotgun attack), For more information see:

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