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The FightingArts.com Team

FightingArts.com wants to thank all those who have given their time, effort and guidance in creating this website. If we are to expand, however, we will need help. It will be a volunteer community linked together through the Internet. If you love the martial arts and want to join in our effort, see: Joining Our Team.

FightingArts.com On-Line Magazine

Founder, Publisher & Executive Editor, Christopher Caile
Associate Editor, Mark Wiley
Associate Editor, Herb Borkland
Associate Editor for Japanese Culture/Sword Arts, Deborah Klens-Bigman
Associate Editor, Joe Swift
Associate Editor, Victor Smith
Research Coordinator, Tom Ross
Anthony Brewer, Research Associate and Forum Moderator
Columnist, Sara Aoyama
Ken Mondschein , Associate Editor for European Sword Arts
Copy Editor, Jacqueline Veit
Terry Bryan, Associate Martial Arts Business Editor
Jeff Turboff, Video Editor
Elliott Vigar, Forum Moderator
Contributing Designer, Dave Barnum
Contributing Illustrator, Oscar Ratti
Contributing Illustrator, Joey Docil
Associate Designer, Samantha Lavin
Site Advisor, Angel Lemus
Legal Counsel, Jacqueline Veit
Medical Advisor, Sandy Sattin, MD
Marketing Coordinator, Gary Gablehouse


Tadashi Nakamura, Dave Lowry, Joe Swift, Akihiro Omi, Richard Carlow, Kate Barrett Stewart, Gregory Seel, Trisha Jenkyns, Mary Ann Littel, Tom Ross, Mark Wiley, Herb Borkland, Roy Suenaka,, Jim Coffman, Charles Staley, Thomas Kurtz, Richard Mooney, Meghan Gardner, Carma Faunteroy, Gary Gabelhouse, George Demetriou, Travis Cottreau, Mario McKenna, Hoosain Naker, Bino Felix, Dan Smith, Sam Noledzki, E/B Productions, Mike Minor, Soren Madson, Gurdi Breyette, Victor Smith, Bruce Miller, Richard Rose, Michael Grandmont, Deborah Klens-Bigman, Wendy Dragonfire, Luis Morales, Paris Janos, Harry Cooke, Bill Adams, Robin Martin.

Website Production & Administration

Executive Director, Christopher Caile
Director of Technology, Michael Krebs
Webmaster, Rip Smith

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