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Oscar Ratti

Oscar Ratti, a friend and associate of FightingArts.com's founder, Christopher Caile, has contributed a number of his illustrations to various articles appearing on the site. He is an advocate of competition to test the self and the validity of one's training. He also believes that the study of martial arts could be enhanced by the understanding of the common principles of movement, engagement and technique that are universal to combat.

Ratti is an author and internationally acclaimed illustrator known for his action portrayals of martial arts in his best selling books, "Secrets of the Samurai" and "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere" (co-written by A. Westbrook) as well as in many martial arts magazines. He new book , "Tales of the Hermit," is scheduled for release in March, 2000. Formerly an intercollegiate Greco-Roman wrestling champion, Ratti also was a member of a champion judo team and an aikido practitioner.


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