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Joe Swift Joins FightingArts.com
as Contributing Editor

Joe Swift works as a professional translator/interpreter in Kanazawa, Japan, where he is also a practicing martial artist. He has traveled throughout Japan and Okinawa for his ongoing research into the history of karate. He is known for his translations of original martial arts source materials and his interviews, contacts and training with leading martial artists in karate, kobudo and aikijujitsu. His articles appear regularly in a variety of martial arts publications including FightingArts.com, where he serves as Contributing Editor for Japan. He currently trains and teaches as an assistant instructor at the Mushinkan Okinawa Karate Kobudo Dojo, where he studies Shoreiryu karate-do, Okinawan kobudo and iaido under Uematsu Yoshiyuki (Kyoshi, 8th dan).

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