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To the reader from the founder of FightingArts.com

This website is a labor of love. One of the constants throughout my life and professional career has been my passion for the martial arts.

I have studied karate for 40 years and other arts as well, ever mindful of what Donn Draeger once said to me: "To understand Budo you have to grasp it by more than one corner." With this advice, my studies have also included judo, aikido, diato-ryu aiki-jitsu, boxing, a variety of Chinese arts as well as Qi gong (Chi Kung) and Zen. I have delved into history and traveled to Japan and Okinawa to study further. In karate, I have had a particular interest in understanding its history as well as kata and kata applications, including the neurological and acupuncture point bases of striking techniques (atemi-waza).

For me this has been a life-long study. It has brought me joy and constant challenge. I hope this website can help inspire a journey of exploration for you too. There is so much to learn and to discover. To make an analogy to our practice and to the years of experience it requires, remember that it's not where in the boat you sit, front or back, it only matters that we are all moving in the same direction.

Yours in Budo,

Christopher Caile

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