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If you are knowledgeable and experienced in your art, or particular subject, and would like to contribute an article, please send your suggestion to


Submission Guidelines:


Text must be in a form readable on a standard Windows-based PC, and be able to be edited and formatted into HTML. Generally MS Word, plain text, and HTML files generated on a Mac can be read on a Windows PC. Files generated on a Mac must be saved with the proper file extension (see below)

The following formats are acceptable, in order of preference:

MS Word 97 (Extension .doc)
MS Word any other version (.doc)
Plain (ASCII) Text (.txt)
HTML (.html)
Word Perfect up to version 6.x (.doc or .wpd)


We can convert most image formats as needed, as long as they can be opened in Adobe Photoshop on a PC.

Normally the JPEG (.jpg) format is used for photographs. Please save the image in a high-quality mode, and a reasonably large size if possible. We will resize and optimize the image before posting to the web site, so we need to start with the best possible quality.

The GIF (.gif) format is used for other kinds of artwork, especially those that are created with a paint or drawing program, but do not contain the large number of colors that are found in a typical continuous tone photograph. Where possible, select a "Web Safe" palette when saving GIFS.

It is important to use the correct format. A photograph saved as a GIF will not have the color depth and colors (including faces) will often come out blotchy. Detailed artwork saved as a JPEG will often lose definition and sharpness.

If in doubt, save the image as a TIFF (.tif) or a Bitmap (.bmp)and we will convert it as needed. Note that TIFF files must be saved using the "PC Pixel Order".

If you have any questions, contact the FightingArts Webmaster.

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