Action Ad Procedures and Policies:

Ad Submission & Posting

- Weekly Action Ads are posted every Monday for the following week.
- New ad submissions will be accepted until Thursday night at 12:00 midnight for inclusion in the following week’s posting.
- Ads will be accepted in order of submission to, and acceptance by,
- Ads will continue to be posted for the duration of their payment plan.
- Placement of ads will be determined on a first come, first serve basis. New ads will appear at the bottom of the Action Ad column below other existing Action Ads.
-When one Action Ad campaign ends, ads that appear below it in position will move up one ad space. Thus, over time, a continuing ad will move upward toward the top position.

Language & Content

The best ads are concise and targeted. If you service only a specific locale, such as a city, county, province, state, or country, it is helpful to viewers if this is indicated.

- Ads must be in English.
- Check your spelling before you submit the ad.

- Do not use inappropriate or obscene language.
- Ads for gambling sites, those with sexual content, firearms or illegal weapons will not be accepted.
- Any linked URL must be functional and not be under construction.

Disclaimer: reserves the right to decline, edit or otherwise modify any ad, including text or headline at its own discretion and not limited by the guidelines listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost for setup?

There is no setup charge. All you pay is the $89.00 per month for as many months as you want the ad to run.

How long will it take to get my ad running?

If there is space available, your ad will be running within a week. Ads received by close of business Thursday will be posted by early the following Monday morning. If there are no available spaces for your ad, you will be notified about when your ad will be posted.

What is the period that an ad will run?

Ads received by close of business on Thursday will usually be posted by early the following Monday. Expiring ads are removed at the same time.

In which position will my ad be placed?

Ads are placed from the top position to the bottom position in the order received. Ads that run for more than one month will move up in position as the ads above expire. An ad that is booked for a long period will work its way to the top and stay at the top for the rest of the run. Therefore it pays to buy a longer term.

Who Will My Ad Reach? reaches a focused audience of traditional martial artists. Readers are well educated and sophisticated. Over 50 percent have 10 plus years in their art. A high percentage are also teachers, instructors, and those with an active interest in history, technique and the martial arts in general.

How many times will my ad be seen?

Currently your ad is put into rotation in front of more than 1.5 million page views per week. Ads are part of an alternating rotation on pages located in the right sidebar of site pages.

Every month our traffic is growing. If you buy a long term run for your ad, your exposure will grow as we grow, while you will have secured the low $89/month rate for the duration of your run.

Can I buy ads with pictures?

Yes, we also can provide space for full-size banners and "Priority Ads". Contact us for details at

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