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The Lighter Side of the Martial Arts - Think This One Over ...
By Anonymous

Three karate students travel together to Chicago to train in their organization's headquarters on Saturday ...

The Lighter Side
By Anonymous

Ten signs that you are really aging as a martial artist

The Lighter Side of the Martial Arts
By Van De Sandt

'The Matrix Move'

The Lighter Side
By 'Still_Learning'

You know you've been in martial arts for too long whenever ...

The Lighter Side
By Anonymous

A Hard Reality Check

The Lighter Side of the Martial Arts
By Van De Sandt

'Kushi Bushi'

The Lighter Side - The Zen Koan
By Christopher Caile

How a perplexing Zen statement lead to a surprising ending.

The Lighter Side: Reverence
By Anonymous

This story illustrates how we in the west sometimes take things too seriously in the martial arts and at times demand reverence and strict attention to correct detail when a Japanese teacher might be less stringent.

The Lighter Side: A Tale Of Two Languages
By Anonymous

A note on an entrance to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown in New York City clearly illustrates the difference in how we communicate east and west.

The Lighter Side: Sensei Is Always Right
By Robert T. Tuohey

This snowy cold night a problem student seemed to do everything correctly upon entering the dojo?s front door, but our teacher, who was very strict on etiquette, still ordered him outside again to wait in the blustery weather.

Lighter Side: Interesting Historical Facts
By Gary Gablehouse

Some of the martial arts history found on various sites on the web is so contrived that it's funny, if not scary.

Martial Arts Cartoons: Facing Attacking Boards
By Guy Junker

A unique martial arts cartoon.

The Lighter Side of Martial Arts - The Kimono
By Deborah Klens-Bigman, Ph.D.

An observation by a distinguished Japanese martial arts teacher on a students public display of affection.

The Lighter Side: Ouch
By Christopher Caile

Foreigners are sometimes not ready for some of the painful drills they experience on their first visit to some Okinawan karate dojos. In this case neither was the Okinawan practitioner who partnered with this student from the U.S.!

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