ok well ever thought of the cops? Not only can you get the dumb gang in trouble you can also get the school in trouble.

Write a letter to the loca news, explain whats happening. The media will screw the school and force them into action.

Personally Im a bit psychotic and I think in your shoes Id bring a big knife to school, the next time they come in to bully people Id place the knife around one of their throats and say "Dunt you ever come fuc*ing around here again or Ill rip your fuc*ing lungs out with an icepick*. If the school chose to ignore this situation they sure as hell cant blame you for bringing a knife.

We've got gangs in our school too and heres a conclusion I drew:

The real tough gangs dunt pick on little people, they choose the big time. Proving that the gang your facing are just sissies.

A gang with only 15-16 year olds= stupid punks. Theres always someone leading when their this young, find the leader, bring his ass down, and the rest will follow too.

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