G'day All

I have been silently viewing these forums for a while now and have decided to interact a bit more (My first post).

I have been using a punching bag with wrist wraps for around half a year now. When I first started it was quite painful on my wrists (having some difficulty keeping them straight). Now I can hit it with quite a powerful blow and experience pretty much no pain.

I have not used this improved skill, however recently I broke up a fight with a Sleeper Hold (Using it for the first time).

Upon realizing how effective it was and the fact that it is the only "move" I know (other than punching and kicking)... I would like to learn self defence.

I know "of" Krav Maga (thatís all), however I am unsure if it is useful for the real world.

If anyone could help me in finding a suitable art/form/style (for lack of the right term) I would greatly appreciate it. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/confused.gif[/IMG]

Regards Alex