First i will tell you about me & my situation. Im 16 years old, (please dont jump to assumptions yet) Alot stronger than your average 16 year old. (i can bench more than 200lbs) and am pretty built for my height. My fight with someone my age. The guy i shal call X. Is 16 also. Smaller in stature. but is "experienced" as gets in lots of fights.

Im not going into what happened before but the situation is. Me + him on the beach. he has 2 friend with him. Similar build to him. And i ahve 1 friend with me. Him a bit smaller than me.

Before my fight i came here and read some stuff and tried to get "clued up" because i was aware the fight was going to happen. As the guy was after me.

This is how the events unfolded:

. He walked up to me. Started shouting abuse. followed by a slight push. (i remained calm and told him im not after a fight and i suggest he leave unless he wants to get hurt)
. when i saw him walking towards me i picked up sand and put it in my pocket (he didnt see)
. After he pushed me, i got the sand threw it in his face. Then one strike to the face and he was crouching holding his eyes.
. A nee to the head put him on the floor.
. This was followed by a kick to the face.

We then just looked at his friends, who were in shock. Not sure if they were going to start. but we just walked off slowly.

Oppinions on events: i know i could have taken the guy in a fair 1v1 fight. as my size. But was aware of him telling his "friends" that he would bring a knife. So i coulding take the risk?

i waited till he pushed me first.but didnt let him get first strike.

Over people around said he was the provoker and said they would testify for me. The "attacker" went to hospital & is allegidly going to press charges.

I dont want to talk about how the events led up to the fight because the were irrelavant. as far as u have to know. he has always been the agressor. Before the fight i showed reluctace to fight which i think he took as a sign as a weakness so pursued the fight.

Oppinions on how to handle it better ? Was the kick to the face too much? i have atleast 5 non friends who witnessed this. i got there names and numbers and they are willing to say he provoked me.