My friend was at an ATM. He was held up. He complied with the mugger. After the mugger recieved the money he pulled the trigger. Lucky for my friend the gun misfired.
The world has changed and so has the rules. You can not read the minds of your attackers. So you better learn how to deal with real situations.
The armbar presented is very effective but it is also the begining.The mugger can not read your mind. He is relying on fear to motivate you to obey his commands.That is why you can beat the gun. He can not react to what he has no idea is going to happen. If you attack aggresively, he will be caught off guard and pause.
Please do not have the victims mindset of obeying the attacker anymore. 911 prove that was a mistake. Instead of enduring an hostage ordeal the hostages were killed. Simply because no one fought back.
As martial artist we have to keep current in our techniques and learn how to deal with modern weapons and tactics. So instead of learning the sword..learn everything you can on disarming somone with a weapon. You may have to fight for your life someday...because if you do not you may find you head being cut off. Ed