I will add this-I was kicked rather hard(to me) in the throat. Since I flinched I was hit left of center of the adam's apple.
there was a period of roughly a minute where it kinda hurt, but I was functioning normaly(could breathe fine, etc.)
After that I could feel my throat swelling, as it began to be difficult to breath. This subsided after a few minutes.
Couldn't manage more than a harsh croak for several days and after a week still sounded like I had laryngitis. After a few weeks voice returned to "normal". Occasionaly during this period whenever I swallowed it felt like razor blades sliding down my throat.

2 years later, I have come to grips that my dream of professionaly singing is over(not that I could sing before, except in the shower-there I sound awesome!). I can no longer hit high notes, squeal like a pig or sound like Michael Jackson [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/frown.gif[/IMG]