At the weekend, during a training session with live knives, I received a not serious, but bad enough, cut to the hand.

Several people, on asking what happened and hearing the reply have expressed feelings of disbelief and horror that we were doing such a thing.

The way I see it is this:
Firstly, training with rubber/wooden knives is a great introduction to knife work. Training with marker pens also helps us to see where we would be cut.
However, despite much training at this, the first time my instructor put a real knife near me I literally froze in terror. Luckily, he was very focused and very experienced and stopped the attack short, so no harm done. After using live knives several times, I became less afraid (not unafraid) and did not freeze or back off. (I realise it could be different if it happened for real).

Secondly, when the accident happened, we had practised single attacks and then moved on to multiple slashes (so if you got the first block wrong, they continued attacking). I survived several times before I was cut, it was not fatal or even serious, and we analysed what went wrong and I tried again, this time more successfully, so it was a great learning experience.

I must also add that both myself and my partner are first aid trained, we carry a sensible first aid kit and a mobile phone.

What do you all think? Stupid or practical?

And does anyone else do this?