I recently had a conversation relayed to me in which a group of women, who do not do martial arts, were discussing the best course of action if told by an attacker to accompany him at knifepoint.
One of them, a polcewoman said that, in her experience, it was better to be stabbed in a public place with some chance of rescue, however slim, than to be held captive and bsuffering unimaginable horrors for a long period before being killed anyway.
A second person said she would go with him and hope for a chance to escape whilst her captor was off guard.
A third said (unrealistically, IMO) that she would try to take the knife.
I have given this a lot of thought, and I think I would refuse to co-operate, accept that I will be cut, and try to make sure it is only on the backs of the hand rather than elsewhere, and hope I can hit him hard enough to either knock him out or distract him long enough to make my escape.
What do you think
(A) an untrained woman shoud do? and
(B) What do you think YOU realistically would do?
(C) What if it were a gun instead of a knife (unlikely in the UK, I know, but possible).

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