Now we going after poor Roy Jones, and he didn't even say anything. What more do you want he is fighting a heavyweight(though a not good one)and telling everyone how dangerous he is and how Jones could lose in the 1 or 2 round. Man thats drama........However, at one time, Jones was a good technician. What I say is(I know you all want to hear this)is whats wrong with using Wing Chun AND Boxing. I believe its not necessarily the techniques you learn, but the principles of both, and lets face it, both have excellent principles. Learn the principles and apply them to your techniques. Really in Karate, isn't a short punch an uppercut? In the Nihanashi kata's for those who have them, isn't there a hook in the kata? Wing Chun is very defensive oriented, and gives certain people problems, not everybody, not style, but some people. If people have trouble against it, why not see what it has to offer. I am a boxing nut, love to watch all the youngsters especially the Olympic guys, its a past time of mine. To tell you though, that I haven't learned anything is false. I have picked up several principles and insights. We taught one of our girls to jab to the chest as an example. Not all the time, but when it was open. My Sensei wanted to see her spar and put her with an advanced student. After the first jab to the males chest, the ref(I know there are no refs, but this was my Sensei not me)stopped and said no point,, and she had to have focus to the chin. next time the same thing, time after that samething. The ref even warned her about punching the chest with a Jab, my Sensei said it was not a foul. Next punch she jabbed to the chest and the male dropeed his hands to block and the left hook to the head put him down. My Sensei died laughing, she didn't out box, him, out point him, she out thought him. The same girl, same fight, trapped the males hands,lead with an uppercut and Sensei had seen enough. She used both, boxing and wing Chun type trapping in a "simulated"-controlled practice session, not the real thing, but it was the 'lab' and she put her classroom knowledge to work, and it did. So why argue one way or the other, use both!