We study trapping drills, some static, some flow. The flow drills are good because you keep your hands moving all the time, it also gives you good hand speed. We work this alot and then started incorporating this into our sparring. I would train with a Kempo friend and would work my trapping with my sparring with him. He found it very frustrating as well, and felt it was my hand speed that was frustrating him, but in actuality it was the trapping that was hindering him. Once I was pretty confident with my trapping, I started using it with my Okinawan 'brothers' which again worked pretty well. Ttapping is both defensive and offensive and if developed can be a great tool. I too use this as a slow motion drill, to get my hands faster and learn how to use them before I actually get into real sparring. We also use trapping to set up our Jujutsu as well. You can find any trapping drills in Wing Chun, Jeet kune do and Chin Na styles as well. I think its easier to learn the drill than study the whole art of Wing Chun. Before everyone jumps on me for this and real fighting, I use this as a tool in my sparring technique and a drill, to enhance my sparring ability. On the street, a good left hook, does do the trick.