I'm posting this here because I tend to train my standup fighting for street-fight minded situations. But it's really more of a stylist/strategy question.

Without going into details, I recently sparred a fellow blackbelt who trains with me in karate...and had a rough time with him because he fights like a Wing Chun guy! (I found out afterwards he trained WC for 10 years before coming to karate...LOL!) My personal fighting style is very Boxer/MT with some karate kicking and some KF hand techniques mixed in. Usually very effective, but I've never had my hands tied up so much as I did with this WC artist. Eventually I started using my legs (he has TERRIBLE kicks!) to keep him at a distance and worked him open that way, but my lack of ability to handle him "hand to hand" bothers me.

Other than studying WC, what is the karate or boxing man's solution to a fast-hands style like this? Now (sorry to disappoint you John), this is a light contact sparring situation, so telling me to "hook his head really hard" isn't an option. Are there centre-line defenses that won't tie up my hands or require Bruce Lee-type hand speed to execute? Oh, and can we NOT have this degenerate into a "WC suck" "No! Boxing sucks!" "You suck!" "No, YOU suck!" "Take BJJ bcuz it rox!" thread? Thanks.