No Lie: a co-worker and I ran into a hostile man who had a pair of nunchaku on him just a few weeks ago (not sure of exact date). He didn't use them, but then again, when I saw them, I made fun of the idea of him trying them on me and my friend. (Bravado? Bluff? Both! I could always retreat if necessary- I keep my options open.)

Technique against nunchaku?

If you have to fight:
Throw water, soda, ice, a can, pocket change, rabid badger, wet towel, dry towel, towel that is on fire, whatever,-

Then tuck chin, guard up covering head/throat, hunch over and blitz!

Remember your belt as a flail, weapon entangler, etc. But hopefully your belt is only for show- if you use it to keep your pants up, you will have issues running away, charging, etc. If it comes to that later.

Sorry to repeat some of the ideas, just wanted to add that anything can occupy someone long enough for these techniques to work.

P.S.- If you use the flaming towel, maybe you can leave instead of closing- might be best.