I would comment on the 9-mm versus .45 debate that has just begun, but it would take us too far from the original subject of defense against nunchaku. I do have firsthand experience with nunchaku versus sword, and have found that the latter has the better reach. (I even have a small scar to prove it.) Here in New York, of course, we don't have to worry about nunchaku on the streets (ha!) because they have been outlawed in the Empire State since 1974. As for martial artists wishing to practice in their own homes...well, we too are outlaws. (I have a sort of scar to prove that, too.) But I have recently challenged these New York laws on the basis that making the peaceful possession of nunchaku in one's own home illegal is unconstitutional. Given the history of disarmament of the Okinawan people that led to the nunchaku's development as a weapon, New York seems pretty draconian, eh? Anyone wanting to follow my legal challenge can check in at: http://homepages.nyu.edu/~jmm257/mvs.html

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