I have just finished yet another book where the heroine female Rambo type escapes by driving her attacker's nasal bone into his brain. What a crock. I have been a surgical physician assistant for 34 years and a long time student of the martial arts. Absolutely impossible to kill anyone by this method. The anatomy of the skull won't allow you to do it. To get to the brain you would have to drive a very thin piece of bone through a very hard and thick piece of bone. Here is a little experiment - take a 1/16th inch thick piece of triangular shapped wood, it can even be a hard wood like oak, set the base of the triangle on a piece of 2X4 and taking another piece of 2X4 start tapping the pointed end (you don't even have to smash it - unless you just want to) What happens? It splinters and doesn't even scratch the 2X4 that you are trying to drive it into. However, it is an excellent technique to convience an attacker who has grabbed you, to let you go. You will break the thin nasal bones and he will be disoriented enough so that he will let you go long enough for you to depart the area.

Jim Gilliam, MPAS, PA-C

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