Spot on Oldwolf, thanks for such a precise description.
Once and for all I think that we can consign the mythical "nose through brain" palm heel strike to the same hellish dustbin of dire and unlikely techniques as overhead x-blocks to stop downward knife attacks and dropping you weight to the floor to get out of a standing full nelson.
Not wishing to pore scorn on the US Marine unarmed combat programme, but anyone who attempts (Quote) "arms outward to wrap around your neck and choke you" is a cretin and should simply be taken out. In doing this I would make two points.(1) The combination that you describe is a little over elaborate when (Quote)"you need to take them out as fast as possible" and (2)in a battlefield situation with an army boot on, you'd probably not bother / have a job hitting such a precise spot - when in any case crushing the skull with the heel stamp has been a standard battlefield finishing move taught since WWI.