Often a contentous issue this one. Frowned on by many as heresy and a short route to intensive care, what is the place of the "kick" in practical real life self defence? Wet slippery or crowded conditions could leave you in the worst possible place - on the floor, where the boot really comes into its own. Many people's kicks in my experience are rather too pushy and sparring orientated to deal real damage - so does this mean kicking is a no no on the "street" ? To my mind the kick can be a great asset to your arsenal if practiced and used intelligently. Personaly i feel that a mawashi geri / round house kick to the knee or thigh is well worth a try especialy when applied with a downwards cutting action. Similarly so called "dog kicks" or stamps to the knee or shins can be effective along with the sharp, snappy groin kick. Finaly as mentioned earlier, the stamp must surely rate as one of the finest finishing moves against downed opponents. Anyway as i said its a contentous issue...opinions? comment anyone?
Regards and good training