Hey all

Just recently I have been getting more into the world of ki and my inner energy. I have to say that in the last year or so more wierd things have been happening to me and I can say for the most part its been awsome.

I have read many different articles of zen, Ki, Chi, and chakra. Which some are different and others mean the same. But most sites have different opinions of how to "tap" into these energies. It seems focusing has been the #1 thing most people say, but I don't think it works 100% for everyone, thats why I wanted to get out more ideas in how to tap and use this power.

There are just too many ideas out there to find one complete truth. has anyone found a way to fully utilize their energy? and not just being able to hit someone harder, I'm talking about using it by emitting it from your body in means of electricity or other forces?

There was a time where I was bored out of my mind in my room. For some reason I thought I could be all supernatural and make electricity or fire or whatever was in my mind for power. So I stood up and put my hands out in front of me to form a ball, my hands were never touching. Then I started concentrating on fire, a ball of fire to be exact(even visualizing it the whole time). after that I started feeling a resistance like they were magnetically repelling each other. The more I focused and the more I thought of the rireball the more they repelled, eventually it got to the point where I was flexing every muscle in my body and then thats when it started. I felt like static electricity was all over, my hairs started standing up and I heard a cracking sound, well 3 of them(like when you get shocked from some metal). At that point I thought ok I can't possibly power up and hold this anymore because it was really starting to hurt. I didn't know exactly what to do with the energy so I opened my eyes and broke my hands apart quickly and to my supprise I saw a spark come out of my right palm(the hand that was extended forward).

That was my first expierence with something "out of this world". But now I beleive these things are ever so possible and I wanna find out how to do this on a dime so to speak.