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may be not but its the goal for some practitioners by way of styles like tai chi, akido, ect. tai chi is structured on developing internal power so that is what you fight with. my teacher does it well. try to understand that you have to do extensive research to find answers to some assumptions.
i'm no nerologist but the system functions as it does naturaly. that is who and what we are. faster neurotransmissions mean faster functions. you can't make bigger stronger transmissions because of the nature of nerve. the function at a self limiting rate, its on or off at the same millivolts every time. more or less is a sign of dysfuntion.
sure curiosity can kill cats but they find milk that way to.

look up some tai chi teachers and go you find in some way what you are looking for

What most people consider a dysfunction is simply just supernaturalism, and once you understand the supernaturual,it is no longer supernatural, it becomes apart of every day life. A higher state of mind,a higher state of body, a higher state of consciousness. If any energy artist was generating that much internal power it would in fact affect the physical body and it's electrical energy, you would be able to physically see it without clairvoyancy, also feel(sense)it at a distance. [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/smile.gif[/IMG]