I would have to disagree with your post above...at least in part.

First, I would disagree with you that qi works at the cellular level. If this were the case, we would be able to "see" qi and measure it. This is not the case right now and is why Western science/medicine has such a hard time with the concept. I would agree that qi can effect things at the cellular level, but not that it works at the cellular level.

Second, I would also disagree with your comments concerning the introduction of qi based on your location (city with pollutants as opposed to the more pure country)...and there are a couple of points here...

As to the comment that says that prolonged ingestion of these pollutants can cellular damage. This again goes back to the first point that I disagreed with (that qi works at the cellular level), but even if it did or you continue to maintain that it does, there is no hard evidence to prove this point that you make as statement of fact. I really am not trying to be nit-picky here, but for those of us that practice the various energetic arts ever wish to be taken seriously by the scientific and/or medical community at large (which I think is important to happen as that will open up grant dollars and more experiments and research into the field...thus resulting in more advances to benefit all of us), then we need to state things correctly. A blanket statement such as you have made would be an example of this. Based on that, I would challenge you to produce any sort of evidence that would indicate or show that qigong exercises done in a polluted area has caused any sort of damage to eukaryotic cells. I do not mean the challenge in a dergatory sense.

Also, while these qi types of gathering exercises are certainly not optimum when done in such a "polluted" environment, we are forgetting a basic principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The body contains a set of three "burners" or "heaters" (depending on how you translate from the Chinese). One of the main purposes of the "burner system" is the purification or distallation of external qi that is taken in. this is why it is so important (and why it is the first thing that I teach in qigong and kiko) to learn the microcosmic orbit (Xiao Zhou Tian or Shoshyuten if you prefer). The process of intake, distallation, process and distribute when it comes to the energetic system is natural and unless we are talking some extreme or dire circumstances should not be a problem.

Lastly, I will agree to the benefits of the "country" setting for qigong/kiko practice. I have been very fortunate to have been trained in some of the ways and methods of the Dragon Gate sect of the Complete Reality School of Taoism(Long Men Chuan Chen Tao). Some of the qigong exercises require the use of such a setting and trees in particular. Some even go so far as to require specific and special trees. So, everything has a time, a place and a use.

Anyway, thanks for taking this message in the spirit that it was intended and I hope that we can enjoy further conversations regarding these topics.