I think you two both understand me. At the moment scientist know - anything broken down far enough is either an electron, proton, neutron. They believe that these are all made of even smaller circular strings of energy - The whole universal body is contructed with these. what makes these things come together in different forms depends on how they expand, contraCT, twist/move & rotate (faster/slower) etc...

So everything has chi because I believe chi 'is' everything... is chi GOD?

This is why I am making my own art - which allows (by trial & error) to absorb chi almost instantainiously from anywhere.
I walk everywhere ffor miles - I walk 6 miles home from my training centre, I can meditate whilst I walk - and focus on raising my maximum chi level & absorbtion rate, to a certain amont of success.

I believe meditation is a versitile tool of the brain which can be used to get over almost any internal problem or achieve any internal goal - this is why I believe in meditating on what u want when it comes to chi.