Each and every atom and all particles making up the atom (discovered or yet to be discovered)in your body were NOT created when you were fertilised in the womb and grew there. The atoms / particles were already formed and in existence at the very moment of creation of the universe itself, whenever that event might have been.

So IF there is a Creator, whatever we little humans in this insignificant corner of the Universe might think we know "Him" as, we must certainly figure somewhere in His plans. We live such relatively short lives that it is impossible to see the Big Picture.

Buddha claimed to be able to see 500 of his own past lives. To me that is still but a tiny bit.

Some people wish to think that the Universe itself is one gigantic "living, breathing" organism, and we are just one atom / particle in this "Universal Body" and the death of stars are just like the death of cells in our own bodies.

So the ancient 'immortals' therefore claimed to be able to, through their meditation, 'tap' into this 'universal energy' and 'see' through all the illusionary images created to mislead us and therefore keep us in our place and preserve our fragile sanity, to KNOW the TRUTH.

And so we hear over and over again that "chi" is the universal / cosmic energy which inhabits this universal body, and we, together with every grain of sand and blade of grass, being a part thereof should also be imbued with it.

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