They are done wrong, and not real. If you look at the modern forms of these styles they are completely wushufied, done at very high speeds. You can tell they don't know what they are doing by using muscle power and leaning excessively.

There is a misconception about the XingYi looking external, it should NOT look external, at all. Because it is done at faster speeds, it seems to create this image. In fact, its techniques could be used like Shaolin because it combines perfect mechanical timing (moving forward, pulling, countering, and striking) all at the same time. But that is only on the outside, XingYi, if you see masters or qualified instructors do it, looks very relaxed. The movements are fluid, and relaxed, they don't look as powerful as one lets say who has trained in karate, and then starts training in XingYi. The damage is still purely internal, and although it could combine the external to provide some serious physical damage, it is still an internal art. Shaolin combines internal and external, and among the Daoists it is still considered external. If XingYi was like this, it would NOT be one of the main three internal styles.