Hi all,
I just had a very weird and unique experience on new year's eve. I saw this girl that I didn't know in a house party. 5 minutes later we were sitting on a sofa together staring at each others. It was like we were in a bubble, like the all room reduced to me, her and the sofa. We both felt a strong and amazing connection ! I didn't know such a link was possible between 2 people that meet for the first time.
Still shoked I texted her the day after because I NEEDED to see her again and she asked me if I beleived in CHI ?! And that I should get information on the matter in order to understand what happened the other night.. I had a look on the web but I don't really get what is the link with this "vital enegry" and this kind of 'love at fisrt sight'.
Can 2 people interact via their Chi, like telepathy ??
Maybe someone who knows more about it could give me some explanation ?
all the best.