Hello, I have came here about 5 times now and I find a broad selection of logical and unlogical thinking people. I would like to you to read this one theory or statement I have. But, before you think i'm just some kid that got involved with this because of DBZ, just five minutes ago and i want to know everything to destroy the planet, i'm not I've be doing this for four years now, so I do have some experience. Anywayz I would love to your have thoughts and replies

As we all know, or hopefully we know, you heart uses bioelectric energy, and this energy helps to create electromagnetic field surrounding your body.
Now I know that the mind is capable of accomplishing irritional things with the right motovation a human being can become on of the most deadlist things without touching the opponent. By channeling or using will power to manipulate this field, you can create a magnetic ball inside your hands, or any other disignated area of your body.
This magnetic ball can also interfere with another person's magnetic field(KI)and hurt them internal, or when charged, with enough of your energy can condense and form a substance capable of damaging something physical(Jing), and if it is allowed to condense to the point of gaining mass, it can gain energy. Since energy is heat, the ball, when the right frequency is obtained, will change into one of the for states of matter, plasma, and as we know plasma is what the sun is made of. Thus you have harnested a object capable of incenaration between your hands and as long as the magnetic field is around the plasma ball it should harm you in theory
Or second scenario, the magnetic ball begins to pull in particles of energy(protons, neutrons, and Electrons) and slowly gains mass from all of the particles being collected within it. Thus a chargd particle ball or ion ball is made also with the power to incenarate objects
As for levitation, I stated earlier that Jing could be created in such a way. Well what if you concentrated that energy underneath your body until it hardened into Jing; then using ur will power (the same type of focus the cause you to project your energy blast)to raise you up. I've done this once and not even high up. Maybe half an inch, but it was good enough for me to have visual conformation in front of a mirror.
But thing with all energy workings is if you doubt it, your chances of success drop drasitically and then it relys directly of the strength of your energy, rather then your concentration and intention energies

So using what I know of modern day science I have concluded that DBZ is a very possible thing indeed and that's without me trying to interperate Quantum physics fully, cuz it's just to confusing for a high school kid to decipher fully although he spends every second thinking of energy working and how to prove the existence of this "magical force" inside of there terms.