well... to start the research on this forum... I visualize Fire always, and my sister water/rain.

[QUOTE]I would be interested to know if there were any consistent personality trait/emotional tendency differences between those who visualized fire from those who visualized water, from those who visualized roots, and so on.[/QUOTE]

Then I'd have to tell something about our personality then. Well, Usually I am polite, but when I get the change I joke a lot. (that's for the ones who did not noticed yet). I usually am very focused to what I am doing, and if I'm busy, I often don't think about anything else then about the thing I'm busy with. (Witch means I get very hungry when I'm finnished) I'm not very easy to get mad, and especially friends have to do a lot to get me angry. The best way is not to do something with me, but with my friends/family, because I'm very protective. Once I'm angry there's no calming down until after a hard fight or expression of anger. Mentally I can keep going longer than it is healthy to my body; I could run myself unconctions (or whatever you spell it) if I tried to. I'm a huge fan of Dragons and I can draw very good. People tell me I can write very good (or at least in dutch), all though my spelling could use some help. (and I still call myself mysterious? that would'nt be nessecery any more [IMG]http://www.fightingarts.com/forums/ubb/biggrin.gif[/IMG]) When it comes to battle, speed and force is what I use.

My sister herself off course knows more than I do, but this is what I know: She has quite the big mouth and will go on any conversation, polite or not polite. She is quite beautifull, but she cares more about health than beauty. She is responsable, and very emotional. she is a fast learner, and is quite smart. She is very dominant, and would no one just walk over her. She is also very protective, but more mentally, and would not bring it to a fight (like me). She is a peace-loving person, and thinks fighting doesn't solve a thing. when it eventually comes to battle, technique and fast recoveries is what she uses.

and that's most of it I think...

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